7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 24/2/2019 - Gospel: Lk 6: 27-38
Justice of God
We all have experienced  being hurt or causing other people to feel hurt. When hurt happens, we must do something to sooth the hurt. Jesus told us when people hurt us we had better not to pick a fight; be not a foe, but a friend. To be a friend to people who hurt us is a big ask. It isn't just a noble thing to do, but it actually is a Christian way of life. To follow the way of Jesus requires a great courage and inner strength, and a will-power to love those who harmed us.

Jesus commands us to 'love your enemy'v.27. Jesus expects his followers to behave, not in the same way as children of the world do. Their justice is getting even in terms of retaliation and vengeance. We learn best from Jesus by doing what he tells us to do. 
First of all, we don't wish to harm people who caused us to suffer, but 'do good to those who hurt us' v.28 .

Second, we need to remember that vengeance creates war while forgiveness brings peace. Third, and most important of all, is to 'pray for those who treat you badly v.28b'. The power of prayers helps us to love people who hurt us as Jesus taught. Praying helps us to focus less on our own hurt but more on the hurt of people who have hurt us.

Fourth, following the teaching of Jesus about 'love your enemy', we need to see things not in the way of our society, but in God's way. When we do good and pray for them, the power of prayers can help people who hurt us come to a realization of the wrong that they were doing. God's justice is not condemnation but forgiveness, with the expectation that the penitent will see their own wrong and make a change from within their hearts. We are unable to forgive people who deeply hurt us unless we rely on God's grace and love. We are doing it with God and 'if God is on our side who can be against us. It is the Spirit of God that makes us free' Rm. 8,31.
When we retaliate we behave in the same way as children of the world, because it is easier to retaliate than to give pardon.

Retaliation means to put oneself on the same level as the one who attacked us. We behave in the same manner as our enemy did and that is not the way Jesus lived. A Christian life isn't about what we are able to condemn but it is more about when we are able to show mercy and forgiveness. It is the way of Jesus when He said to the adulterous woman: 'I won't condemn you; go away and sin no more' Jn 8,11. The best gift a Christian can give is the gift of forgiveness. We must forgive ourselves of our own wrong doing and forgive those who wrong us. Our world shows that powerful and wealthy people use power and wealth to accumulate even more power and wealth with little regard to the welfare of other people. The end result is that the poor suffer, and the wealthy  prosper. Jesus shows us the way of love, and God's mercy is able to transform our broken world.