8th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 3/3/2019 - Gospel: Lk 6:39-45
Good and bad attitudes
Both good and bad attitudes influence a person's behaviour. Our behaviour towards others plays a big part in socializing. Other persons form their opinions of us based on the way we relate to them. It is the image of us they form in their minds and it plays a vital role in  friendship relationships. The saying: 'he is a lovely person or an evil person' is the expression of our perception of someone.

We, Christians, believe that all goodness come from God. It is given to us to enjoy life, and to share it with others, and together to make the world to be a better, and safer place for everyone to enjoy. Badness happens when someone claims something as his own possession, and then claims to have the full rights of his own possession. Such a claim is not of God's original intention, but Evil's. We recall, when God created the universe, God gave it to the human race to take care of it, cultivate it and be master of it -Gen1,28. The idea of claiming to have ownership of the earth came from Satan. Such a claim is a false claim since God, not Satan, created the earth.  At the temptation of Jesus, Satan promised to give Jesus the splendour of this world which he didn't own Mt. 4,9.

Badness is not only the lacking of goodness, but it is connected to lying. Goodness is something lovely, truthful and honest. God is the source of all goodness. Badness is in the opposite of God's goodness. Wherever there is  goodness; life is good and peaceful, and we love others and love life. Wherever badness plays a prominent role; life is full of suffering, unjust dominance, and pains of all kinds are plentiful. As 'a blind man can't guide another blind man' v. 39; using badness to pay for badness leads to further bitterness and vengeance, but using goodness to pay for badness may open a door for reconciliation and a conversion of the heart.

Badness exists because of our own freewill God has given us to choose in life. We are free to choose to live a good life or a bad one, and we are responsible before God for the choices we have made when we finish our earthly journey. When we chose to live a good life we appreciate other peoples' gifts and enjoy it and praise God for his goodness. When we chose to live a bad life we are jealous of other people's gifts, and we do not just have less concern for the welfare of others, but we want them to serve us. We are quick to see the imperfections of others and proud of ourselves. We pray for the gift of meekness to choose goodness in life, and thank God for the many blessings God has given to us.