6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 17/2/2019 - Gospel: Lk 6: 17. 20-26
After using Peter's boat, Jesus told him to go out into deep water and throw the nets for a catch. Peter protested saying that he had worked hard all night long and caught nothing but complying with Jesus' request, Peter put out the nets. They netted a miraculous catch, nets full of fish. They brought their boat back to shore and left everything to follow Jesus. The Apostles were blessed because before meeting Jesus they were attached to worldly materials; but after encountering Jesus, they were able to detach themselves from worldly materials. Detachment would free them from the 'work hard all night long and caught nothing' situation Lk 5,5 to follow Jesus freely. Their values used to be measured by the secular world's system; now Jesus is the centre of their world, and because of that, they have a different purpose in life. They laboured not for their own benefits, but for God's kingdom.

Following Jesus, they were poor by worldly standards, but rich in God's love and grace.  They were blessed because, to put it in Andrew's language when he joyfully talked to Peter, he told his brother that 'we have found the Messiah'. Jn 1,41 They were blessed because they had found the Master, the Holy One, who was truly amazing and powerful. They were blessed because they would have never be labouring in vain- 'caught nothing' - but their treasures were in heaven where 'moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal' Mt. 6,20. They were blessed because they now know they live in God's grace and at the end of their earthly life they will inherit eternal life. Our culture would say that richness and power are the signs of blessing. People love money and power and would love to have abundance of it,, but paradoxically money causes more pain and stress than happiness and relaxation. The Apostles chose not earthly wealth but heavenly wealth and Jesus affirmed that they were blessed. People who set their minds on earthly wealth believe that it can provide some forms of security in life. Money certainly can open almost all visible doors and does give comfort in life. When sickness strikes and health is on the decline, their money may go out of their door quickly and soon their bank account is empty. They will face discomfort and realize that they have invested all their lives for wealth and fame, and at the end both wealth and fame have left them. Their health conditions won't permit them go out into deep water any more. We love money, but money loves no one. We are faithful to wealth but wealth is faithful to no one. People who put their faith and trust in God are heirs of God's kingdom. Having faith in God counts as a great victory because God's love is everlasting and God is faithful to God's promise. We may betray God but God would never betrayed anyone. The poor and the hungry are wise in having faith in God.  They have true wisdom. Their faith in God is unwavering because they have lost trust in man's power. They place their trust God, and God alone is their source of comfort. The value system of the poor  is based on love for, and faithfulness to, God. They don't seek popularity but humility.