5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 9/2/2020 - Gospel: Mt 5: 13-16
Having no connection to other things, salt and light remain themselves; they transform nothing around them. Salt is not food, but it increases taste, and preservation. Some enjoy salty food; others like more moderate tastes. Apart from watering it down, I don't know how can salt lose its saltiness, but if it does; it's lost its purpose as salt. Jesus personalised two domestic images to tell his disciples about their mission, saying: 'You are the salt of the earth....You are the light of the world'.

Salt and light are changing agents. They are essential in life. They are close to us, and are parts of life. Salt needs light, and not the other way round. Salt maintains the freshness of food, but not for long. Food needs heat from a flame to cook, or to dry the food it needs to put under sunlight. Salt needs heat to keep it dry from dampness. Light doesn't need salt. It is an independent agent. Light gives joy and transforms the atmosphere of the place. A tiny pocket torch in a dark tunnel gives enough light to guide the path. When lost, seeing light from the other end of a tunnel means seeing life and hope. When salt and light are given; they are given forever. It is almost impossible to retrieve them. When put in use, both salt and light have a communal sense. Food is cooked for a whole household to enjoy; a lamp lit gives light for a whole family. Jesus told his disciples that they are not just salt or light but they are both salt and light combined. When we serve others, we make God's glory known to others. We are called to live a life of moving towards holiness; in doing that we touch the lives of everyone around us. Either at home, or at work, or at a market place we become witnesses for Jesus, the Light. Resistance from the world against this 'touching' is unavoidable. When tension arises, our salt may lose its saltiness and is absorbed by the darkness of the world. Retreating from the world is not the way of a Christian; being absorbed by the world is not our call. We need to draw strength and light from Jesus.  Our witness for Jesus through works of charity and generosity, both in words and works, is what we are in this world for. Whether the world welcomes us or not, it doesn't matter. Our sole purpose in life is to be salt and light for the world as Jesus told us to do.

'Your light must shine in the sight of men, so that seeing your good works, they may give the praise to your Father in heaven'. v.16.

Being true salt and light for the world gives glory to God. It helps to make a connection between heaven and earth. This connection strengthens the Light of Christ which is already in us. Through it, our good works show light to the heart of others, and makes them confess: God exists. Our presence in this world helps others to know, that this world is not our true home. Our true home is where God is. Remaining in Jesus, our salt and light are no more kept in earthen vessels, but is being preserved in God's love and mercy.