4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 2/2/2020 - Gospel: Lk 2: 22-32

Presenting Jesus to the Temple, Mary and Joseph fulfilled the Law of Moses. What God has promised to Israel will be fulfilled in Jesus. The promise to save us from the power of darkness, is first to Israel, and then extended to the entire world. Those who follow the Light of Christ will be saved and enjoy eternal life. Let us join Simeon and Anna to praise God for his mercy.


Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the Temple consecration.  Purification is required, not for the son, but for the mother. The Law requires the mother to be purified after giving birth. The Holy Family observed the Law faithfully. They showed their great faith in God. They were willing to offer God, what they loved dearly. The dedication of Jesus to God served as the sign of their recognizing that whatever they had, it was God, Who gave it to them in the first place. Mary and Joseph offered Jesus to God in his childhood; in his adult life, Jesus dedicated himself to God fully. He gave God not only a part of his life, but his entire life and will, as he once declared: 'I come to do not my own will, but the will of the Father' Jn 5,30. He not only obeyed God in what pleased him, but obeyed God even in what frightened him. He chose to follow through to the end. His Passion and  death on the cross were the undeniable signs of His utterly obeying God. Jesus, a sinless person, whose law of love was far more superior to other existing laws, would have no need to fulfil the law, and yet he took it on himself to be an example for us to learn from. Jesus went through the law, and knew that the Law was powerless to redeem us. Earthly laws are good when they promote peace, justice and create harmony. They are good when they protect and support life, but they have no power to redeem us. God's love does. His law of love has the power to redeem us through Jesus' cross and resurrection. He died to show the world God's love. He died to show the world how He obeyed the Father (Lk 2, 51). By dying on the cross, Jesus fulfilled the prophesy of prophets. He redeemed and renewed God's creation. The Holy Family offered a pair of turtledoves as the Law required. This revealed the simplicity, and poverty of the Holy Family. Their richness are not things of this earth, but it is God's love and grace, that Mary treasures in her heart, and that voice of God's messenger Joseph pondered at night. Jesus followed the will of the Father.

Prophet Anna was at the Temple. Simeon, a righteous and devout man, was prompted by the Spirit to come to the Temple. They both became the speakers for Jesus. Their prophesy bears weight as prompted by the Spirit, that Jesus is 'a light to enlighten the pagans, and the glory of your people Israel v.34. Both Joseph and Mary heard what they said about Jesus, but were 'wondering at the things that were being said about him'. The saying: Jesus is both for the fall and for the rising of many in Israel v.35. would mean that Jesus came to save, but some refuse him because they think they can save themselves. Jesus shows light in darkness and yet not all welcome his light because they prefer to walk in darkness, and refuse to come to the Light. To Mary 'the sword will pierce her own soul' meant that the power of darkness would strike Jesus so hard that it broke Mary's heart, as the scene at the cross.

We pray to learn from Jesus to grow to maturity in faith, and God's wisdom, not man's.