Easter Sunday Year B - 1/4/2018 - Gospel: Jn 20:1-9
A new wave
The death of Jesus released the unnecessarily stress the Jerusalem Temple's authority who had created on themselves.  Jesus came with the fresh interpretation of God's love and mercy for all. The Temple's authority was afraid of losing their monopoly in interpretation of the laws and they tried to interfere into Jesus' teaching. Several times they set up traps hoping to catch Jesus off guard. This method failed badly. They alone could not stop Jesus' popularity rising like the sun. In their desperation they had to fabricate evidence to have the government on their side with the excuse that Jesus was a politician disguised as a religious instructor. The crime for inciting people for uprising was a dead penalty. In this regard the local authority turned a blind eyes allowing the Temple's authority free to carry out their hatred plan.

They gave Jesus an unjust sentence with an utmost inhuman cruelty, nailing on the cross waiting in agony for death to take its toll. The judgment happened on the very night they caught Jesus and rushed to the verdict- death sentence. There was no time waisted the sentence should be carried out immediately.  The temple's authority celebrated their victory but it lasted just for three days and their celebration was interrupted by the news of the resurrection of Jesus. The Temple's agents brought bad news after bad news that they could not swallow. The 'One' that they had crucified on the cross now appeared to his disciples in daylight at more than one locations, gathering his followers to celebrate his resurrection . The parable of a wheat grain applied here. It falls on the ground and dies and yields hundred fold.

The resurrection of Jesus gave new life for the apostles.  Empowered with the Risen Christ they became the new people. It yielded countless waves of followers to come. The Temple's authority terminated One and now there were thousands more of them, all stood under the banner of the Risen Christ. The Apostles were in hiding no more but came to the open. They spoke loudly praising Jesus in public and had no fear of being arrested or enduring lashes. They power of the Risen Christ was stronger than dead. Dead became a passing time before the new life arrives, everlasting life in God's kingdom where there is no more tears, no more suffering but full of God's love. The disciples recalled what Jesus had promised  had became the reality. Jesus promised to be with those who follow Him till the end of time. Wave after wave of followers had experienced the presence of the Risen Christ in their lives. They were not alone in living the Christians values but the Spirit of God who is their guide and empowers them with God's love to share for others.

Easter Greetings
Many thanks for those who have been active taking part in Lent and the preparation for the Holy Week. The preparation of ashes, leading the Station of the Cross, Alter Servers, making new vestment for Alter Servers, coordinators, the florists, liturgy, Palm leaves arrangement, tidy up the Church, musicians and singers, proclaimed of the Words, collectors, and the youth group to re-enact the Passion with Peter and his brother Joshua to conduct the play. I am grateful for your generosity both in time and talents and most importantly your love and enthusiasm in serving our community of faith. May the Joy of Easter enlighten your heart and empower you  with the Spirit of the Risen Christ.
Happy Easter to all.