Palm Sunday Year B - 25/3/2018 - Gospel: Mk 14:1-15:47
Revealing life
Leaves of a tree have many stories to tell. Leaves reveal time. Everyone can tell the difference between a young and an old leave. Leaves tell us about the weather. Whether it has rained or not; has it been calm and quiet or stormy, leaves tell it all through its shapes. Leaves tell us about the health of a tree. Fresh looking and healthy leaves reveals that the tree is well look after. Whether it has enough nutrition and water and free from bugs. Leaves become home for birds and roof for our house. Leaves after used are discarded and people step on them.

It was no acccident that the children of Israel used the leaves to welcome Jesus on his entrance into the Holy City.  It revealed Jesus' hour was coming shortly and the climate the Jewish's authority who condemned Jesus unjustly to a violent dead was eminent. 

St Mark's mentioned Jesus' journey from Galilee to Bethagny and Mount Olive to say that Jesus had won the hearts of people. It was in Jerusalem the authority who were against him and wanted him die. People who broke branches on the road side to welcome singing 'Hosanna to the Son of David'. It is the same title a blind man sitting on the roadside pleaded Jesus to open his eyes. Luke 18,38 Jesus gave his sight back and he praised God. People on the roads could see Jesus the Messiah but not the learnt from Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the end of Jesus' earthly journey but it was the beginning of his apostles' mission after Jesus had risen from the dead. The disciples on the way to Emmaus saw Jesus broke the bread and their eyes were opened and they recognized him' Luke 24,31

Psalm Sunday reveals the kingship of Jesus. For a society the authority organized a parade on roads for the public to praise their king who had triumph returned from a battle field. For Jesus a parade on roads was from people who spontaneously happened to be on the road at the time Jesus passed by. They praised him as king. His kingship was different from a society. Jesus rode on a donkey, people were on road side, holding fresh branches singing Hosanna, Son of David. The battle Jesus won was not for him but for the people. The triumph over sin and dead to a new life Jesus won was not for him but for the people who had faithfully followed his way of life. Jesus' kingship is humble, close to the people and for the people. His kingship is of serving the needs of those who call upon him for the loving support and his followers would do the same. The glorified life Jesus has promised through providing services for others. Providing services requires some cost and for Jesus the cost was his own life and blood and the prize was the glorification of his resurrection. For Jesus' followers the cost of serving was sweet and tears and before entered glory to share eternal life with him.