4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 29/1/2017 - Gospel: Mt 5:1-12a
Navigate God's gifts
It is not by chance but by God's love and providence that we are here on earth. No one has any say as to when, how and what gender we are to be born with. We have no say how many gifts or talents are given to us to develop. We don't know what kind of life and goodness we would hope for and a process of selection to avoid some kind of disease or sickness that could be avoided to inherit from our parents. The kind of qualities of life and other form of relationships all are hidden to us. When God created us there is no consultation involved and the freedom of choice is absent but everything was determined by the loving God. It was determined when and how before or after conception and we have no idea but our God of surprise let it slowly unfold in the coming years of each individual. Some gifts given we are welcome with great joy; others we lament and mourn about it before we slowly accept it. Cosmetic surgeons can make some change of features of one's appearance. They are powerless to give a person the peacefulness of the heart. God alone has that power.

What we do know for sure is that we are endowed with God's love in our lives and each of us needs to navigate God's love in our heart for the greater glory of God and for better benefit of mankind. When our love is navigated in a right direction we are sure that our lives will be blessed and we live happy and have peace in our heart. When our love is navigated towards the world we first enjoy the pleasure the world has to offer and what comes next is to bear the unavoidable heavy burdens it demands. Our future is determined by the choices we make right now. In other words we are invited to pre-destine our lives. What the world can offer is temporary things which are here today and cease to exist tomorrow. God's gift is permanent, everlasting and above the world and when our earthly pilgrimage is completed we inherit the eternal home in God's kingdom.

The Beatitude helps us to know that we are heading on the right road towards God. When the way is unclear it helps to clarify and we can adjust the bearing. Each of the Beatitude is a noble way that Jesus wants us to conduct in life. The poor in spirit will have the kingdom of heaven and the gentle will inherit the earth; mourner shall be comforted and hunger for justice will be satisfied; showing mercy will reap mercy and the pure of heart shall see God. Children of God are peace makers and eternal life given for the active witnesses for Jesus.

The Beatitude preached by Jesus is a way of a peaceful heart preserved for those who follow God's way.