3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 22/1/2017 - Gospel: Matthew 4:12-23
Continuous growth
Since the time of the resurrection of Jesus up to the present day and it will continue to the end of time, the message of the Good News of and about Jesus of Nazareth will continuously being preached to all corners of the earth. There has been times it was strong and flourished and at other times it was steady and underdeveloped. In places where the message was suppressed it stays like a seed buried under the snow and when conditions were permitted it burst sprouting out. The message of the Good News could have never been freed from persecution and restriction. Persecution of the Catholic faith is seen as the shadow of the Church. It had been with the Church right from the beginning of the establishment of the Church. One can say where there is the faith being preached there is a history of the Church being persecuted.  Because the Good News preached is for the poor. It makes claim the equality treatment of justice for all; it promotes the sanctity of life and that is contradicted to  society's beliefs and that is the root of all struggles. It is a struggle happened between good and evil or light and darkness. The message of the Good News requires change to a new way of life and change often meets with opposition and resistance. As a result missionary is the main target of persecutions. Persecution happened to the prophets in the Old Testament; to John the Baptist; to Jesus and it continues to exist till today. 

After John the Baptist was arrested Jesus withdrew to Galilee and began his public ministry at Capernaum. It is a fishing village, located on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. It was at Capernaum Jesus called some of his apostles and they walked with him day after day. They began to preach about Jesus after his Ascension. These ordinary men were eyes witnesses for the Passion and the Resurrection of Jesus. They have committed to what they have seen and heard. Since then the spread of the message about Jesus Christ has never been stopped.
Because God's chosen people refused to welcome Jesus as their expected Messiah, he began his public ministry for the poor, fishermen, and for the Gentiles. He lived amongst them and taught them about God's love, mercy, forgiveness and the eternal life. His message was identical to John's: 'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is close at hand ' Mat 3:2. People may argue that the two thousand years old message belongs to the ancient world. It is unfit for the modern day. The interpretation is a misconception of the message because it calls for repentance not of the world but of a human heart to change, to renew. A human heart stays young as long as it is connected to God's love. A young heart isn't tired in doing charity works. It is active in its ministry sowing God's love for the world.