12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 23/6/2013 - Gospel: Lk 9:18-24
Self discovery
Self discovery is the process of learning about oneself. It is the knowledge to know more about our gifts and talents. Self discovery helps us to learn more about our strengths and weaknesses. In our society people who have more knowledge will be recognize by others and are often in a leadership role. It means they have power to make decisions and that their decision will affect our society. Knowledge gives power and people who enjoy the power game thirst for power because it generates power and gives them social recognition.

There are two different kinds of power. It is the power from outside, external power and the power from within, internal power and the latter one, the internal power, is more important than the former one because the power from within is the power you own. It is with you all the times and no one can take it away while the external power is the power you receive from others and can be stripped off by people who give it to you.

The external power is the power that Jesus was running away from. We recall that from time to time people wanted to make Jesus their king. They gave Him the power to lead them. Jesus quietly went away from the crowds, refusing to accept the external power invested on Him. To avoid the crowds Jesus went to a lonely place to pray searching for the internal power. Through prayers Jesus is united with God. To gain the internal power we need to learn from Jesus and pray to unite with God. God will give us the internal knowledge that helps us to resist against temptation and vain glory. It is the internal knowledge that helps us to discern the right path in following God's will rather than of our own because it helps us to know that God loves me more than I can imagine and everything I have comes from God. Knowing that helps us to become humble and accepting our limitation and trust in God more. 

Jesus asks his disciples the question about who do people say about Him. The answer is varied. Some say Jesus is John the Baptist. Some believe Jesus is Elijah. Some say Jesus is one of the ancient prophets reappeared. Finally Peter on behalf the disciples says you are the Christ. Matthew says that Jesus told Peter that his knowledge comes not from human knowledge but it comes from God.

It is not flesh and blood that revealed this to you but my Father in heaven Mt 16,17

External knowledge associates with power and power is the cause of social disruption namely division, dispute, revenge, punishment and broken human relationships. Internal knowledge leads to self control that helps us to avoid many problems. Internal knowledge associates to Christian virtues. It makes us feel sorrow or shame or embarrass for allowing bad things to happen. Internal knowledge is the window that opens our mind and heart to see God who is above human knowledge and it can only be gained through openness to accept God's loves for us.

External knowledge makes us proud of ourselves while internal knowledge gives us the sense of serenity, the peace of the mind and the wisdom to live with a thankful heart for our loving God.