11th Sunday in Ordibary Time Year C - 16/6/2013 - Gospel: Luke 7:36 8:3
Body language
Body language is not a sign language. Body language is used to express our mental and physical feelings in a non verbal or spoken language. It is often used when we are short of words or when things are hard to express in words. The combination between words and movements of postures, gestures or eye movements or facial expression make the conversation becomes more alive.

Body language is able to express difficult idea in a simple gesture that needs hundred of words to express. Body language is used unconsciously and so common in our society that it becomes a part of life. People who love to travel around the world quickly learn that their hands sometimes are more useful and deliver the message better than their mouth. Although body language is non-verbal communication it can reveal a lot about your feelings and meanings to others and also how others reveal their feelings toward you. The same body language gesture can mean different things for different person. It depends on the intention and the cultures background of a person who uses it.

Body language is a gift in communication and a gift can be used different from person to person. Both the giver and receiver of the gift are free to use the gift the way they want it to be and that is how the misused of the gift happens. A kiss is a gift of love and it can also be used a shield to hide a sign of betrayal. Kissing is used to cover up a terrible thing a person has done. The Bible recorded that Judas used the kiss as a sign to betray his Master.

The woman who was a sinner mentioned in today's Gospel used the kiss as a sign of her repentance and love for Jesus. Jesus praised her for showing her great love towards Him. The woman showed her great love for Jesus not by speaking but by her extraordinary actions towards Jesus. She heard Jesus was dinning at the Pharisee. We have no clue how she knew it? She quietly bought the most expensive jar of ointment. We don't know how wealthy she was, but probably the poor woman had spent all her saving for the ointment. She wasn't invited to the party but somehow was able to come in to the dinner and poured the expensive ointment on the feet of Jesus. The host of the party probably didn't of her coming but knew of her presence from the beautiful aroma of the perfume that invaded the space. Her love for Jesus was stronger than whatever the others thought of her. She sat on the feet of Jesus, cried and used her hair to wipe the feet of Jesus. There were no conversations between her and Jesus or between her and other Pharisees or the host of the party, Simon.

She showed her love for Jesus by accepting the humiliation from the crowd of the party. She knew what she was doing and Jesus knew what she was doing for him but people misunderstood her and Jesus came to her defence.

Probably the veneration of the cross on Good Friday has its history from the woman who kissed the feet of Jesus in today's Gospel. Every time we come to Jesus we hope to show our love for Jesus with utmost respect and love as the woman did in the Bible.