The Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God - Year A - 1/1/2023 - Gospel: Lk 2: 16-21
Because of their innocent attitude, Adam and Eve didn't ponder the consequences of their action, but just simply listened to the evil spirits- fathers of life- and as the result, the couple lived in exile. The birth of Jesus did not happen by chance, but it was an act of mercy. Jesus, the perfect obedient of God's only Son, came into this world to save the lost. He is the perfect model of humanity. His birth was prophesied by the prophet, and served as God's grace to mankind.

'They will call him Emmanuel, a name which means 'God-is-with-us' Mt 1,23.

There is no greater act of humility than the act of God's Incarnate, who becomes one of us, the supreme Immortal becomes mortal, the holiest of holies lives amongst sinners, the incorruptible justice becomes the victim of the corruptible world, the utmost gentle of the heart of flesh endures the roughness of the heart of stone. Jesus, king of the universe, allows an earthly king to judge and condemn the heavenly king, the Lord of life accepts a humiliating death on the cross to show God's love for mankind. God chose Mary, an innocent, humble country girl, to be the Mother of God. Next to Jesus' utmost humility model was Mary, the model of humbleness, sincerity, and simplicity of heart. In her Magnificat, Mary revealed that through God, people gave her praise, and thanks, but she herself gave praise, worship, and thank God for showering upon her God's blessings, and that makes her the most blessed which lasts generation to generation. Through her, we learn to live in humility, and ponder God's word as she did in her life. God chose Joseph, a humble and honest man, to take care of the Holy Family. Through Joseph, we learn to live in simplicity and labour with love, honesty, and integrity. God chose John the Baptist who used his voice, and his life to serve God. John had not a single word praising himself but every word he uttered focused on God's abounding love. His whole life was praising God, and proclaiming the coming of Jesus. Through John, we learn to detach ourselves from earthly things and use our voices to show our gratitude toward the marvel of God's creation. We learn also from John's parents, Elizabeth, and Zechariah, to ponder our life events, and come to know that God allows us to share God's love for others. The angels announced the great news to the shepherds. Receiving the news, they were in haste to come out into the cold, in the middle of the night, to meet the newborn king. Meeting the newborn king, they were filled with great joy, and became the first group of people who heralded the birth of the newborn king. To their great surprise, Mary and Joseph wonder who would let the shepherds know about the good news. They pondered the visit, and believed that it was God who warmed the shepherds' hearts in the middle of winter. God called each of these people to play their part in the process of the Incarnation. They all played the role well even though they didn't know that God had called them, long in advance, to be part of God's saving act.

God's messenger would never stop praising God. The singing from on high proclaiming, 'peace to people of goodwill'. The trio: peace, humility and goodwill go hand in hand. People of goodwill are people who labour not for their own glory but for the greater glory of God. We are called to be people of goodwill. We are called, in God's name, to serve humanity in humility, to take part in God's grand plan; and to enjoy peace, the fruit of our service.