7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 24/5/2020 - Gospel: Mk 16: 15-20
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Jesus calls us to follow him. Instead of receiving something new from us, we have nothing to offer. The generous God endows us with countless great, magnificent, heavenly blessings. God's gifts are free and beyond human power to gain. God loves us dearly, and wants us to enjoy life to the full. After rising from death, Jesus delayed returning to the Father. He stayed to meet His apostles. He appeared to them more than once, on different occasions, and at various locations. Seeing Jesus they worshipped him, but also doubted. Their doubt had something to do with the human capacity to grasp the reality of Jesus' presence. Were they able to see Jesus clearly and to understand him properly?. Jesus showed them His wounds, and His scar confirming what they saw was real. They were not dreaming or seeing a mirage. He is the same Jesus, the One who had been crucified. Their personal encounter with the Risen Lord filled them with great joy. Hope was restored and the future brightened. Meeting Jesus their lives changed forever.

First, they received a new life from Christ, who had risen from death. Jesus first gave the new life to His apostles, and then extended it to those who follow Him through listening to His apostles' teachings. Meeting the Risen Lord, the apostles became the new creation; their faith renewed, and their commitment to follow cemented. The Risen Lord had a new life, and His apostles too, shared this newness of life in Christ. Before Easter, the apostles misunderstood Jesus' teachings; after Easter, they recalled His teaching, and came to enlightenment. Pre-Easter, Jesus was physically present; Post-Easter, Jesus was present in a new way- spiritually present which is invisible to our eyes' sight.  Before Easter, Jesus' apostles commitment to follow was lukewarm; after Easter, their commitment to follow was devoted, unswerving.

Second, in following Jesus, we become members of His Church on earth. He is our head, and we are parts of His Church. The Head has ascended to God the Father. Where the Head is; its members eventually will be in due time (the preface of the Ascension).

Third, in following Jesus, our life on earth has a purpose. It is being directed by Jesus' teachings, and when our earthly journey comes to an end, we hope to unite with those who have gone before us. With faith in Jesus, saying goodbye on earth leads to reunite in God's kingdom.

Fourth, Jesus chose us to be His friends. He gave us the Advocate to be His spiritual presence with us, in our journey, to guide us, till the end of time.

Fifth, Jesus gave authority to those who follow Him. They had the full right to make other disciples of Jesus, telling them about His Resurrection, His commandment of love, and His promise of eternal life. They can promote the power of the Advocate to others, and that helps them to live a life of loving God and loving others.