19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 9/8/2020 - Gospel: Mt 14: 22-33
Son of God
After feeding the crowd, Jesus told the apostles to get into the boat, and they crossed over to the other side. He himself remained to disperse the crowd, and prayed.  As professional fishermen, despite the strong head wind and mighty waves, the apostles kept on moving forward on their journey.  In the dark of the night, they saw something strange. Something looked like a figure walking on the crest of the waves moving toward them. They had never seen anything like this and were afraid. They wondered would it be real or their tiredness, fatigue and sleeplessness which caused them to see such a thing. They then heard the familiar voice telling them, 'Courage, It is I! Do not be afraid' v.28.  To affirm what they saw and heard, Peter said, 'Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you across the water'v.28b. In a bold approach, Peter jumped into the water walking toward Jesus. When a mighty wave blocked his way, Peter lost confidence, yelling out, 'Lord, save me' v.31. Jesus came to his rescue. When they were both on the boat, Jesus calmed the wind and the sea. All people on the boat recognized that Jesus had the power over the forces of nature. They also knew that Jesus had the power over life and death.

Who owned the boat? Probably, not one of the apostles. What mattered most wasn't about the ownership of the boat, but the boat itself was the image of the Church on its journey. The head wind and mighty waves caused much trouble for the apostles. They fought hard, and got tired, and could rest only when Jesus was with them. The Church experienced the hostile world from day one. There have been fierce persecutions and rejection ever since. Today the church continues to experience adversity, both from within and from the world. There is a worldwide problem about the child abuse issue. Lack of religious vocations, and poor Church attendance contribute to the livelihood of the Church. The issue of finding suitable candidates for the leadership role is tough. The gay rights' movement would have us to redefine the new meaning of marriage, and other moral issues are being side-lined. Ideology puts human talents and wisdom before the wisdom of God. The commercial world sells its messages better, clearer and further, because it has more resources at its disposal. The Church seems to be the lone fighter.

We are living in the troubled waters of the world. Personal problems and sickness remind us that we are imperfect creatures. Each individual life is a journey and the world is never trouble free. Despite chaos and troubles, life is good and enjoyable; we live both in fear, and in hope. We compete, and also give support. We as individuals, and community remind each others, that the apostles faced the rough sea when Jesus was not with them. He prayed for them, and finally came to their rescue. We are not pessimistic, because we know, Jesus has the final call. He calls us to get into the boat, and paddle. We sometimes become confused, struggle and get tired and sleepless, but we know the Lord will respond, not in our time, but in His. Peter jumped into  troubled water coming to Jesus. The Lord rescued him. We have experienced chaos and insecurity; we must remember to call to the Lord whenever we lose sight of Him.