2nd Sunday of Lent Year B - 25/2/2018 - Gospel: Mk 9:2-10
Awakening is a sudden spark of realization in coming into awareness of something that a person has been pondering for sometimes. It brings with it both surprises and joy of the experience of seeing something new in an ordinary things which we see day after day and yet never recognizes. It enriches the inner knowledge of a person and makes that person feels that their eyes have just been opened to something new.

For a Christian a spark in faith opens the new horizon on their spiritual journey towards God or to uncover something buried deep within their hearts. It is a new discovery of the wonder of God in their faith journey in providing service to God's people. It revealed more about the mystery of God's love. It will not only help a person to enjoy God's love more but it helps that person sees clearer the purpose of life and enjoy life more. It strengthens their faith with the belief to live in God's presence. Their image of God improves greatly. It liberates them from misunderstanding that suffering and pains are not from God but rather they are parts of the human life in the process of evolving to a better place.

Peter and James and John followed Jesus for sometimes but they had never seen the glorification of their Master until they went up to the mountain where they had seen the glory of God for the very first time. It was to their experience that opened their eyes to know a bit more about Jesus. Their minds were shaken and their hearts were overwhelmed with joy and their tongue was tightened, lost of words. 

They did not know what to say. Mk 9,6

Confronting with the incredible glory of God human language seemed to be lost. The chosen apostles were unable to utter their feelings that God's glory had wrapped them. They were free and yet they felt as if their minds were frozen to see the power of God from on high. Their postures revealed that they were in an awkward situation, didn't know how to behave to the glory of God? They probably heard about the Patriarch, Moses and Elijah and yet they had never seen them and now in front of their eyes they encountered them, heard their voice, talking to Jesus. This awesome faith experience became part of their faith journey in following Jesus. They saw Jesus with a new eyes, heard him with a new ears and loved him with a new heart. The saying from on high reminds them is an invitation to follow.

This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him v.7

When they regained their control they looked around and saw no one but Jesus was alone with them. On the way down they walked with Jesus but no doubt in their mind and heart they replayed scenes what they had seen on the mountain. Their mental block had gone and now was the time to confirm what they had seen on the mountain.

 As they recalled the experience their spiritual journey continues to evolve wider and deeper in trusting Jesus. They enjoyed simplicity of life and detached from world's glory to live with God's glory. They now know that following Jesus is the best way to enter God's glory and yet not understand the term of Rising from the dead v.11