2nd Sunday of Lent Year C - 21/2/2016 - Gospel: Lc 9:28b-36
New discovery
Last Wednesday Australian scientists have discovered hundreds of hidden galaxies behind the Milky Way using a radio telescope.  The Australian team leader professor Lister Smith said more than 800 galaxies were found using the Parkes radio telescope, one third of these galaxies had never been seen before because they are hidden behind the Milky Way that blocks out the view of the more distant galaxies behind it. Each galaxy contains around 100 billion stars, finding hundreds of new galaxies would change the way astronomers used to view of the universe. The new discovery unlocks more the mystery of the universe and it tells how little we know about the universe. For more details visit: Mapping the Milky Way

It is similar to sky gazer, with constant prayers and contemplation combined together, our spiritual eyes might be able to see multi player meanings behind the words of God. It is a great rewarding and spiritual enriching for those who labour with love. Jesus has revealed to us about the mystery of God's love and mercy. In theory we know about God's love but to experience of God's love at a personal level we need to love prayers and contemplation. The more we contemplate about the mystery of God's love; the more we enter into the life of God, and the more we discover the vastness of God's love; the more we enrich our spiritual journey. We are part of the mystery of God's love because we are made after the image and likeness of God. To unlock the mystery God's love in each one of us is our vocation. Constant prayer and contemplation help us to unlock the mystery of God's love in us and that is our vocation, searching and responding for what God calls us to be.

We contemplate upon the words of God and discover something new, something relevant to our lives, something that opens our mind to see the trail of God's love revealing in our daily events. The words of God are present to our eyes but their meanings are hidden. Those who invest time and energy searching for it will discover the message of life. This is what Abraham our father in faith had discovered was his vocation. After the conversion St Paul told us that God had journeyed with him through and through. Jesus publicly declared the unity He had for God for His entire life.

The Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees the Father doing: and what the Father does the Son does too Jn 5,19

I do nothing of myself; what the Father has taught me is what I preach Jn 8,29

Mary pondered upon the message of the angel and she understood the mystery of God's love and what God called her to be- mother of the Lord. We pray for the gift of being able to dwell upon the teachings of Jesus and that will help unlock our own vocation and surety about the purpose of our pilgrimage on earth.