27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 6/10/2013 - Gospel: Lk 17: 5-10
Moving mountains
People who travel through a desert understand that the mountains of sand changes according to which direction the wind blows. It is there now but will disappear overnight after a desert storm. There is no firm mountain in the desert. Everything in a desert is in a state of flux, constantly changing and that is the reality of our created world. Everything is changing even mountains, but it changes with the times that our eyes can't see the change. Everything is changing including ourselves: mind and body and thoughts and feelings. It seems there is nothing permanent in this life and that includes faith in Jesus- a wavering faith. In nature air and wind and heat are factors cause the change. What are the causes that change us to lose faith in Christ? 

Jesus said if we have faith in Him we can change a mountain. The word mountain used in this context refers not to the mountains or seas that exist in the created world but they are seas and mountains from within. The seas and mountains within our mind and heart stop us from believing in God. They stop us in providing services free of charge to others. They block our vision to see Christ in other people.

Jesus told us that His true disciples must remove mountains and seas that hinder us from following Him. They need to put God's kingdom as their first priority and without wavering (9:57-62). They must carry their own cross to follow (14:27). They must place family ties as secondary (14:26). They must give up all possessions (14:33). They are the mountains we need to remove in order to be a true disciple of Jesus. These mountains certainly are not easy to remove or overcome but they are obstacles to stop us from following Jesus. After hearing the teaching of Jesus the disciples asked Jesus to strengthen their faith in Him. They understand that they can't remove these obstacles with their own power but need God's grace. With faith in Jesus they can move these mountains of difficulties. Faith has the power to save, to see the truth and to have eternal life. Without faith in Jesus we are not able to stand firm in following him.

Faith in Christ doesn't bring a certain kind of certainty we expect in life. Faith in Christ doesn't work like a drug and helps us get through life's ordinary challenges or serves as an antidote to struggle. Faith in Jesus helps us to see the faith and love Jesus had for the Father. It helps us to see way Jesus saw, to serve the way Jesus served and to bring God's love for the world as Jesus did. In other words faith in Christ will transform our mind and heart to the teaching of Jesus. Faith requires us to do not extraordinary things but to do ordinary things daily, faithfully with fidelity and love. Faith helps us to believe that everything is possible to God.