22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 2/9/2012 - Gospel: Mk 7, 1-8a. 14-15. 21-23
On display
The universal rule for a -house hold tools and white goods- successful business is making the products that catch our senses. In the pass, tools with good quality have long duration play an important role for its promotion. Because of their better quality, strength and ability to last longer we would pay more for rather than something that is cheap and has good appearances. Beautiful looking, good presentation and well advertised and being welcomed by the younger generation. Modern society seems to accept the change that appearances are important because it appeals to people more. When a product catches the eyes and fits the budget it will certainly make its way into our home. There is no concern for good quality, long lasting and a fault free product.

The young generation seems to accept that good appearances are new way of life. The acceptance of good appearances is a clear evidence to say we have changed from inside out. Our inner thoughts reflected through the commercial world that we see displayed in the markets. Quality of life is on display and being judged by what we see. It is judged based on the surface and on the appearances seen through the comfort of life, such as a known brand of a car we drive, the prestige of a house location where we live and a career that earns big bucks. The public seems not to worry about the display life style, lack of integrity and spirituality.  For them they are not important. They are things of the pass.

When the display life style lost its popularity it would be pushed into the background and replaced by the one that appeals more.  A new idea circle of life appears and dominates the markets until another one better arrives.  Life becomes hard with much stress and pressure to sustain the level of popularity. When we fail to live up to other people's expectations we move into the defensive mood. We become more self- centred and more isolated. It is the clear price to pay for those adopting a display life style. It has no deep root based on true human qualities that God created us to love God and to love others.  The set of rules created by human beings are flawed and we are the victims of our own invention. We are the victims because others judge us according to what we have to offer and when we don't have much to offer they will discard us without mercy. It is as simple as to discard a useless tool or a disable white goods.

Life on display is not something new. At the time of Jesus people did the same. They used a set of social rules to measure the standard of life. Those who didn't comply with the social rules were not with them and would be judged harshly. Those who practice them would be seen as with them and be accepted. These affluent had gone as far as applied these social rules to their religious practice. Religion in this case has no spirituality because it doesn't lead us to God and to serve others in the name of God. The set of rules don't liberate us but are heavy burdens for those who have to bear them.

To promote their own human creations these Pharisees and Scribes believe their rules were much more important than the commandment of God and Jesus condemned them:

You put aside the commandment of God to cling to human traditions. v

This people honours me only with their lips but their hearts are far from me. v6

We pray to uphold the wisdom of God.