2nd Sunday of Lent Year C - 13/3/2022 - Gospel: Lk 9: 28b-36
Our Promised Land
The text gave no hint on how, by whom and when the meeting was organized. All we know was that the meeting happened up in the mountain. Jesus talked to the patriarch, Moses and Elijah. Later on, God, the Father's voice from the cloud called the apostles to listen to Jesus. The meeting revealed, once more, Jesus' identity and His mission on earth, that He was God's only Son, and His mission was to redeem the human race by means of the cross.

In last week's Gospel text, the Spirit led Jesus to enter the wilderness, where He fasted for forty days, and was tempted by the Devil. This week, Jesus Himself led the apostles up to the mountain; this was a once- in- a lifetime experience for the apostles. They met the Patriarchs, Moses and Elijah and heard God's voice. Jesus revealed His glory to the apostles. It was not just His face, but even His garment changed to be as lightning. There was a different kind of glory. The glory Moses and Elijah had that came from God; the glory Jesus had that came from Jesus Himself, because He was the very source of glory. Moses lived in 1500BC and Elijah lived in 900BC and yet both appeared in glory to confirm that a life of glory is certain for those who believe in God after they had departed from this world.

Moses and Elijah, each played a significant role in the history of Israel; the former was for the law and the latter was for the prophets. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt to enter the Promised Land. The Israelites crossed the Red Sea unharmed and God gave them the Ten Commandments. Elijah changed the hearts of people, turning them from worshipping the idol god, Baal, to the true God of Israel. Their appearance pointed to Jesus, Who would complete everything what the two had prophesised.

True prophets proclaimed the message of God's love to the people, and called them to return to God and received pardon. They were subjects of persecution, rejection, and humiliation. And all died to give glory to God. Jesus would fulfil the double roles: one was of the prophets, and the other was of His own- God's only Son. The three men talked about Jesus' mission and St. Luke summed it up in one single sentence.

'They were speaking of his passing which he was to accomplish in Jerusalem' Lk 9:31

The word 'passing' is a reminder of the passing in which Moses led the Israelites cross the Red Sea unharmed. He set them free from slavery in Egypt. In regards to Jesus passing implies that He would set humanity free from the power of sin and death. His cross set all humanity free from the power of sin, and His Resurrection gives eternal life for those who listen to Him. His Passion would begin and complete in Jerusalem.

The voice came from the cloud; the Father's voice addressed Jesus' disciples, calling them to 'Listen to Him' v.35. Listening to His predictions that 'The Son of Man would suffered and died and three days later to rise again' Lk 9:22. Listen to God's only Son, the Chosen One, means to listen to God Himself. Listen to Him by taking your own cross and follow.

The Feast of the Transfiguration enlightened the hearts of the apostles. They were overwhelmed when they briefly saw God's glory. They would love to remain up in the mountain. They had the privilege to have a foretaste of the 'Heavenly Promised Land' and that was for those who 'Listen to Him' and follow His way.

We pray to open our heart to God's Word.Text ...