The Epiphany of the Lord Sunday Year C - 2/1/2022 - Gospel: Mt 2: 1-12
The Feast of the Epiphany is the celebration of God who revealed Himself to people from the East. There was no explanation for naming different titles for people who came from the East. Some called them the Magi, others the wise men, and others again, the three kings. They were wise in their search for the purpose and meaning of life. They had everything that people were longing to have, and yet they were able to leave it all behind, including their throne and power and wealth, in searching for the new born King, the author of life. When they found the new born King, they humbled themselves, kneeling in front of a baby to pay Him homage. This revealed the true humility deep in their hearts. Prior to meeting the new born King, they came to consult King Herod on the where abouts of the new born King; they received the royal welcoming protocol. They had prepared well for their journey. They prepared not just for their own safety and needs on the journey. They also thought about gifts which were fitting for the new born King. People kneel before their king, not the other way round. Disregarding their social status as king, meeting the new born King, the earthly kings knelt before the new born King. This act alone meant they confessed Jesus was their King and they were His people. They offered Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to say they were sincere, and honest in their respect.

The final week of the liturgical year, just before the Advent Season, we celebrate the Feast Christ the King of the universe. The Feast of the Epiphany confirmed the Feast Christ the King, where earthly kings, who came from the far end of the earth, went in search to worship the heavenly King. Their visit implied Jesus was born for the whole world. Their visit showed Jesus revealed Himself for people of good will. There is no different between East and West, North and South. We are all the same, all equal before God. Jesus first showed Himself to the poorest of the poor, the shepherds; Jesus then showed Himself to the richest of the rich, kings. Jesus is King of the voiced and the voiceless.

Jesus chose to be born in the wilderness to show He was not king of the material world, but King of eternal love, and those who are thirsting for everlasting love come to Him. Those who come to Him, God makes them His children. Because of their love for God, the three wise kings were able to know God through their observing of the star, 'We saw his star as it rose and have come to do him homage'. Mat 2,3. The star revealed not God but its lights show the way leading the Magi to the Lord. It meant God revealed Himself to the human race in more than one ways. We all see the stars in the sky but decoding the signs of the stars is a mystery.

King Herod told the Magi,

'Go and find out all about the child' he said 'and when you have found him, let me know, so that I too may go and do him homage'. Mat 2,8

He told them that he would act in an honest and honourable way, but in reality he acted in a horrible, corrupted way, that imposed immeasurable pain and suffering for his own people, whose parents mourned day and night for the death of their innocent children. God could see Herod's words and his heart which was in disunity. Herod tried to fool the Magi. He could have fooled them, but not God. In their dream, God's angel told the Magi to return home by a different way.

The baby Jesus was the rising star shining the way leading to the Father. He became the rising sun bringing God's salvation to people of goodwill.