19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 7/8/2022 - Gospel: Luke 13: 32-48
Having a healthy long life and security for our future is what we all want to have, but for most of us, it is a dream more than reality. We all have to struggle hard, either on our own or with relatives and friends, to deal with sickness, misfortune and job security. Knowing our longing, Jesus offers hope for those who have experienced that life is a heavy burden. He told them, do not to lose hope, but to trust in God because it is the Father's pleasure to give His children the heavenly gift v.33. This offer is not an empty promise, but rather a sure thing because it comes from the Father. Whatever the Father loves to do; His will be done, not at our own time, but God's. This gift is given to those who appreciate it. How can we can get this heavenly gift?

The second paragraph packs several images that Jesus used to talk about our preparation for the heavenly gift. These images serve as reminders of his previous teaching. The first image (vv.35-38) is the lit lamp which reminds us of the parable of the wedding banquet. Because the groom arrived late, only the guests who were watchful to enter the wedding hall; the careless ones arrived after the door of the wedding hall had closed, were denied entry.
The second image (vv. 39-40) is about readiness. It is the house owner who had secured his house well to deter thief entering. Today the Gospel (vv.41-48) is about the faithfulness of servants. Some are faithful and some are untruthful. The Master of the estate would return at the time which they were unexpected. It is a blessing for those servants who are faithful to their assignments, and a curse for those who disobeyed the Master's commands. All these images talk about one single reality, and that is eternal life which will happen unexpectedly.

We often say we serve God, but today's reading tells us that it is not us who serve God, but rather God serves us and looks after us. There is nothing we humans can add to the divine's greatness. God is perfect that there is no more room to add on anything. When we say we serve God we mean that through serving God's people, we serve God. It is not God in whom we serve, but rather God's people. In caring for others we do it for God because God identifies himself to each one of us. When we serve others; God makes it as if we serve God himself. Jesus told us, that our love for others would never be forgotten because it is God who keeps the records of our kindness to others. That is how 'your purses do not wear out, treasure that will not fail you'. v. 33. Giving alms that generate treasure in heaven implies God gives us the power to change corruptible things of this world into the incorruptible treasure in heaven. This doesn't mean that we can gain salvation by acts of charity. No. Salvation is God's gift to us. Giving alms is a noble thing to do. They are the concrete signs that we love God and love people whom God loves dearly. Giving alms are also signs telling us about our hearts. Jesus told us that

'Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also'. v.33

Our final goal in life is everlasting life. All created things have their time limit. They are there for us to use. We need to use them wisely by means of sharing with others. By sharing them we transform the corruptible materials into the incorruptible in value, and that lasts forever in God's kingdom.

We pray to take heart in Jesus' teaching.