Most Holy Trinity Sunday Year B - 30/5/2021 - Gospel: Mt 28:16-20
The unity of the Holy Trinity is a mystery, both holy and extraordinary.

It is a holy mystery because God is above all things. The Holy Trinity is so unique, and perfect, that nothing can intruded. Everything see- able and unseeable from the creative, and created world was subject under the Holy Trinity's authority. The Holy Trinity is the principle, and the source, that creates the cosmos. We human beings are included- a part of God's creation. To have some knowledge about the Holy Trinity, such knowledge must come from the Holy Trinity itself. The second Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus, told us about the unity of the Holy Trinity. Through Jesus, we come to know God, the Father, and also through Jesus, we come to know the Holy Spirit. Through Jesus, we have some sense of what the Father and the Holy Spirit are like.
The unity of the Holy Trinity is extraordinary, because Jesus reveals the unity of the Holy Trinity. Through Jesus we know the Father, and through Jesus we know the Holy Spirit. In other words, Jesus is the 'mirror' of the Father and Jesus is the 'mirror' of the Holy Spirit.

We are able to create our own images in print or in drawn portraits. With the help of technology, we are able to make moving images. These moving images have sounds and movements within the structure of a device. They are dead images in a sense, they have no feelings and no love. They do not exit outside the framework of a device. Instant images of ourselves on mirrors exist as long as we stand in front of a mirror. When we move out that sphere, these images cease to exist.

Unlike our dead images, the images, of the Father and the Holy Spirit Jesus revealed, are active and alive. They have personal feelings, true love and compassion. They have their own mission. Through Jesus we come to know the Father, and the Holy Spirit, because Jesus once told us that, everything He has comes from the Father; and everything the Spirit has comes from Jesus. The Spirit of truth 'will not be speaking as from himself.... but all he tells you will be taken from what is mine. Everything the Father has is mine. Jn 16;14-15

In order to know the Father, we must learn what Jesus told us. In order to know the Holy Spirit, we must learn what Jesus revealed. Apart from Jesus, other 'knowledge' of the Father and the Holy Spirit is unreal, and unreliable. Jesus alone authorised true knowledge of His Father, and of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us we become His disciples, because the Father has given Him to take care of us. In His priestly prayer, Jesus praised the Father. He prayed for us, His disciples.

I pray for them.... for those who have given me, because they belong to you: all I have is yours and all you have is mine Jn 17:10.

The Father's gift are not supposed to be separated from the Holy Trinity. Jesus wishes to unite His disciples to the Holy Trinity. He prayed in His priestly prayer,

'Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one in us.... I passed your word on to them.... Consecrate them in truth; you word is truth (John 17: 12- 17)'.

Professing the Holy Trinity is the confession of love and faith in Jesus.