4th Sunday of Easter Year B - 25/4/2021 - Gospel: Jn 10:11-18
The Door
There are three doors. They are symbols of life: First, is the door of the empty tomb; second, the locked door of the room where Jesus' disciples were in hiding, and third, the door of the sheep pen.

Jesus walked out of the door of the tomb to make it empty. He met the women at the tomb. He told them, that He would like to see His disciples. Jesus appeared to His disciples in the room where the door was locked. He enlightened their lives, and gave them peace. He then commissioned them to go out, and make others His disciples. To those who love Jesus and listen to the voice of His disciples, Jesus gives everlasting life. Before His Passion, Jesus talked about the door of the sheep pen which was not an object, but Jesus actually personified the door as Himself. He is the door, day and night, He protects the sheep from harm, caused by wolves and thieves.

Jesus made a contrast between a good shepherd and a hired one, Jn 10,11-18. According to Jesus, a good shepherd pastures the sheep. He nightly stays at the door of their pen to allow the sheep in and out. A good shepherd makes real sacrifices for the sheep. A good shepherd makes a personal connection with the sheep. He knows his sheep, and they know him. The sheep listen to his voice and obey. These qualities of a good shepherd, Jesus implied, He would do for His sheep. There is no hidden meaning in this parable, but Jesus plainly told His disciples, the Good Shepherd is no one else but He Himself. Twice He said: 'I am the good shepherd'. vs. 11,14. Through Jesus' Passion and cross, He actually carried out His description about the fate of the Good Shepherd, step by step, with His own life. Jesus was true to His own words, and He was true to His Father's will.

Being the gate of the sheepfold, Jesus becomes the dividing lines for those who choose to love and obey Him. Those who refuse to love and obey Jesus will have no experience of being care for. Those who choose to love and obey Jesus will lose nothing in life, but receive life in abundance and eternal life. They receive Jesus' protection and love. They live in hope; hope in the Risen Lord, and hope of entering God's kingdom, the true and everlasting sheepfold. There are dividing lines between those who choose Jesus and those who do not choose Him. However, the door is not always shut tight; it is open to anyone who makes a change of heart to enter. The Good Shepherd is active in searching for the lost sheep. The parable of the lost sheep depicts that when the Good Shepherd found a lost sheep, he would joyfully carry it on his shoulders to bring home- Luke 15:5. There is one sheepfold, but there are different flocks: The early one and the later ones.

A thief steals sheep by deception and trickery, while wolves approach in violence to kill sheep. A hired shepherd is a legitimate shepherd, but if he doesn't care for the sheep as his job requires, he has a 'license' to steal, to be a thief or wolf in disguise, because he makes little sacrifice for the sheep.

We thank Jesus for being our Good Shepherd.