The Epiphany Sunday Year A - 5/1/2020 - Gospel: Mt 2: 1-12
The Magi set out in search of the new born king, and when they found him, they fell to their knees, and paid him fitting homage. Bending one's knees is the sign of love and service. It is not just the knees, but the whole person: mind and heart and soul. Kneeling in front of a person means to show the utmost respect; kneeling in front of the baby, laid in the manger, is much more than showing respect, but it is a sign of worshipping with love. The Magi went in search for The Light, and after many difficulties and struggles, they found The Light.

The journey in search for The Light reminds us, that a human life is a journey. Our faith in God is also a journey. The goal of our faith is clear: love God and love our neighbours, and the destination of our faith is in God's kingdom. The roads to achieve our goal, God leaves open for each individual, out of our own free will, to work it out. Every journey needs a road map. The Magi chose the good and reliable road map, that led them to worship The Light; while Herod and his team followed their own free will, that led to the destruction of their very own lives and the lives of others. A life journey has many dilemmas and we need to make choices. Good choices give life and peace; bad choices lead to gloom and doom.

Those who follow the way of The Light will meet The Light. They will enjoy God's love, and live life to the full. Following The Light has obstacles. The Magi encountered them when they consulted the human way, Herod. The light of the star to show their way disappeared. They found the star again when they left Herod's palace, and returned to God's way. When Herod heard about the new born king, who was born in his jurisdiction; instead of rejoicing and being glad; Herod worried about the safety of his throne. To secure his throne, Herod ordered his soldiers to kill all male children two years old and under, reckoning from the date he met the Magi. This murderous Act led him to enter deeper into the power of darkness. The Magi, on the other hand, got out of the darkness of power and ambition. They again found the light of the Star. Following the Star they found the great Light, and their hearts filled with joy.

The modern day promotes better appearance of  human images. This road makes life more competitive based on our physical beauty, and lose its inner life simplicity. We need to love true beauty, which is from within. The Light at the manger offers us the true path of life. Those who cherish it will enjoy a life of peace. When our earthly life ends, The Light will embrace us. Contrary to that path, is the path Herod and his advisors pursued. The Magi told us, that God's path is different from the world's. God manifests in a humble life. God shows great love in tenderness, care  and sincerity. God shows greatness in simplicity. God's greatness does not display in splendour and power but in simplicity, and the power of the cross.