12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 21/6/2020 - Gospel: Mt 10: 26-33
The fear of contracting Covid 19 is real for us all. Some countries have it under control, but fear remains caused by the possible resurgence of the virus, known as the second wave. To control the spreading of the virus, most countries take some form of lock- down, and social distancing. This temporary measure causes enormous harm for the development of the country's economy and the livelihood of the people. Fear is a part of living. It is a part of our growing. Fear is both good and bad. Fear is good in the sense it deters us from doing silly things. It is bad when it discourages us from doing good. Fear of the hardship in following Jesus is a bad fear, because having the love of God and love of others, and eternal life are worth much greater than ours personal fear involving to follow Him. Fearing the harm that one can cause to one's physical body is a valid fear, but not the ultimate fear. It is better to fear the One who can destroy one's soul, and that is the utmost fear Mat 10,29. Jesus' teaching confirmed that there is life after death and fear of losing eternal life is the greatest of all fears. Choosing to welcome God's kingdom is a personal commitment. God respects our freedom of choice and choices we make have consequences v.33.

Jesus told his disciples, 'fear not'. Through His own personal experience, we know that every time He told His apostles about His Passion, He was in great distress. There is no escape from being afraid. For Jesus 'fear not' meant not to let fear paralyse one's ability to judge between what is right, and what is wrong. There are times, it is wise to avoid danger; and also there are times, it is gracious to face danger. All heroic actions come from being committed to facing great danger. Jesus understood that the mission field was a battle between good and evil, and conflicts certainly were waiting ahead of his disciples. He encouraged them to remain faithful to their mission. We all know, that after a bitterly cold winter, with grey skies and leafless trees; there comes the Spring, HOPE. A new life begins. Young, fresh, healthy leaves start to grow. Birds on branches start to sing again, and the blue sky appears. Spring makes the front and backyard gardens alive. They are adorned with fresh flowers, blending with morning sunrise, and a calm day, all contributing to something new, making the days in Spring even more enjoyable. No one buys a beautiful coloured bird and puts it in a cage which is not worth for the bird. A cage and the bird must be proportionate. We are a hundred times more beautiful than a bird v.31. Jesus sees in each one of us that we are hundred times better than a springtime, because we are made after God's image and are beautiful in Jesus' eyes. He certainly will house us in a beautiful house, His kingdom. As a bird's owner loves and talks to the bird. Jesus loves us and wants to talk to us. He wants to hear our voice talking to Him.  His love for us is so certain, that not even a single hair on our head falls without His notice. We pray to experience God's power in our lives.