Pentecost Sunday Year C - 9/6/2019 - Gospel: Jn 20: 19-23
The Spirit's era
The second person of God, Jesus Christ, through his resurrection, has triumphantly completed his mission on earth. He now returns to heaven, from where he came. The third person of God, the Holy Spirit, is coming into the world to widen, and deepen the teachings of Jesus, first to the apostles and then to all followers of Jesus. The people of God always have God, Who is present amongst them either in the visible or invisible form. It is visible in the person of Jesus, and is invisible in the form of the Holy Spirit. It is not for a single moment of our life, that God is not with us.  God is always with us in any circumstance of our life as Jesus has promised: 'I am with you always, till the end of time' Mat 28,20. The coming of the Spirit is the fulfilment of that promise. The coming of the Spirit begins a new era. It is the era of 'happy are those who have not seen me and yet believe' Jn. 20,29. It is the era of faith in Christ, who has promised to send us God's Spirit to guide us in our faith journey. It is the era of the invisible God who comes to transform the lives of the believers. It is the era that we, the believers, no longer see the physical Jesus, but through prayers, we know God who is present and journeys with us in our daily activities. It is the era of love and commandments intertwined. Without love for Jesus, one can't recognize the Spirit of truth. In other words, one is unable to grasp the Spirit of truth alone, without first loving Jesus. Through Jesus we come to know the Spirit of truth. Jn 4,17. The Spirit of truth will teach, remind (Jn 14,26), abide (14,16) and testify about Jesus (Jn 15,26).  

The apostles are able to feel God's Spirit active in their lives, not because they deserve it, but rather their love for Jesus makes the impossible, possible. God's Spirit is love, and only a true and genuine love response, will make the unseeable able to be seen, the untouchable to be touchable. That is the power of love, Jesus has given to his followers. Jesus' departure leaves no vacuum in the life of Christians, but we are filled with God's Spirit. Filled with the gift of the Spirit, the apostles were students no more, but became teachers in their missionary fields. Secular spirit will not lead us to Jesus because it has no love for God. Through love for Jesus we listen to our own hearts and discern God's voice talking to us, guiding us what to do in our lives. Through communal prayers we also find God's voice in the community of faith when we gathere together in Jesus' name. We ask for the grace to listen to God's voice talking to us in our prayers.