Easter Sunday Year C - 21/4/2019 - Gospel: Jn 20:1-9
The Way
The last few decades science and technology have advanced faster than anyone could imagine. Life is more comfortable. We take less time to travel, and news of the world is on television instantly. Today scientists are able to unlock what used to be known as the medical myths. However, those who place their hope in science and technology are not free from technological problems. The web is a safe haven for faceless criminals to spy and to steal. The biggest challenge of all is how to get more money to maintain these services. Love of money is the classic, endemic problem that corrupts a human heart and science has no cure. Money is a human invention. We all need it to pay for goods and services. Blood money is an enormous problem for modern society. The Passion of Jesus also involved blood money, right from the start to its end. It began with the corruption of a human heart, and it also ended with greed for money; money- bribery. Before the Passion, Jesus denounced money by knocking over the money changes tables in the Temple (Lk 26,15), but one of his apostles embraced money when he secretly betrayed his Master for thirty silver coins. After the resurrection of Jesus, the High Priests paid money to soldiers, telling them to spread the lie that while they were sleeping, Jesus' disciples took His Body away.

Easter offers hope. The hope Easter offers is real, and within reach. It is God's free gift given to us. The God of Mercy, in His bountiful love, through God's only Son, frees us from the power of darkness to offer Eternal life. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Easter offers us an uncorrupted heart and what follows is an uncorrupted spirit, and that means eternal life. For some, Easter season is simply a holiday but for Christians, it is a Festive Season, celebrating the Risen Christ and a time to give heartfelt thanks to God for the gift of eternal life.