33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 17/11/2019 - Gospel: Lk 21: 5-19
Spiritual temple
Jesus' apostles were amazed at the magnificence of the Jerusalem Temple. Jesus reminded them, to be careful not to be deceived by its greatness. A spiritual temple in each one of us lasts forever. It doesn't wear out or tear by the forces of nature, because it is in us, and made by God's love and strengthened by our love of others. No matter how great and solid things are, all visible constructions made by the world's materials have a time limit, and that Holy Temple on Jerusalem was included. One day the Temple ceased to exist, 'everything will be destroyed' v.6.

The saying 'To see is to believe' is no more applied to modern world. Photoshop software with its clever cut and paste could create an image of whatever they want that thing to look like. The mixture of  light and colour used on stage, has the power to manipulate our vision. We are being deceived in many different ways. Many were deceived by spam emails asking for money out of compassion, or to co-operate in doing business. They became victims of lying and what they were promised was in fact unattainable.

Jesus warned his apostles again, 'take care not to be deceived' he said 'because many will come using my name and saying, 'I am he' and 'the time is near at hand' v.8.

Who doesn't want to play a prophetic role, predicting things that will be happening! Wanting to know what is happening in the near future is a part of human nature. We all want to know the future, and all prophecy in different ways. A daily weather forecast is an example. There is nothing wrong with predicting events of nature. Jesus had never told us not to read the signs of nature. He actually encouraged us to read the signs of nature to know what was going to happen (Lk 21, 28ff). However, Jesus told his apostles to avoid predictions of those who wanted to play God: 'Using my name and I am he'. Avoid them for two reasons: First, they were the false prophets, claiming to have God's knowledge, which they didn't have. It was a big lie. They used God's name in vain. Second, they were human, claimed to be gods, to support their claims. This lie is the origin of all lies- an arrogant attitude. These prophets of doom exist in the modern world. From time to time we hear their predictions about the end of the world coming. Such predictions are baseless. For us, Christians, natural movements are parts of nature. They are signs telling us that God's active in the world, and present in our lives. They encourage us to come closer to God for guidance and protection. When our faith is firm in God; our heart is filled with God's love. Naturally, we may live in fear of these events, but never lose hope in Jesus. We are living in a hostile world. Jesus and other prophets had personal experience of the hostility of their world. We shouldn't expect anything different. When 'the world' turns against us; some may end in physical death, but remember ' the world' is powerless to harm our spiritual temple. Our spiritual temple lasts forever, because it is deep rooted in God's love. It is God who makes our spiritual temple everlasting and beautiful.