2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 20/1/2019 - Gospel: Jn 2: 1-12
The first sign
The Feast of the Epiphany revealed to all the nations that the baby Jesus is actually God incarnate, being born into the world to be one of us. In the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, God the Father, reconfirmed what had been revealed at the Feast of the Epiphany that Jesus is the Beloved Son of God. The miracle at the Cana's wedding, Jesus changed the ordinary water into superior wine revealed to us the hidden divinity of Jesus.

When we say this is the first, we mean there will be a second and a third to follow; John called the miracle Jesus made at the wedding at Cana is the first sign. He meant Jesus would perform more miracles later on in his public ministry. The 'sign' at the wedding at Cana reveals several things about Jesus. First, it reveals about  the divinity of Jesus Who is the Only Beloved Son of God. Second, it tells us that Jesus has the power to do extraordinary things. In  this case he has the power to override the forces of nature and they must obey him. Later on he calmed the angry sea with a simple command. Third, it confirms that through Jesus we know that God is present in the world. Fourth it confirms God's gift is abundance.  Fifth, the Cana's miracle reveals that salvation and new life is available through Jesus.  The disciples were amazed and believed in Jesus. What about us?

Mary told the house servants do whatever Jesus asked them to do and they obeyed him. It indicated that both the house servants and his Mother, Mary had total trust in Jesus. The disciples believed in Jesus after the miracle that had happened while the house servants and Mary believed in Jesus before the miracle happened. She believed that Jesus had the power to do something that others could not. There were only six jars of water preserved for the purification as the custom dictates- one short of the completeness and perfect number; 'the number seventh'. The jar 'seventh' is not missing but rather it is Jesus himself Who would be the number seven. In him we are being purified through his Passion and Blood and Resurrection. He is the living water given to those who follow his way and enjoy the abundance sort of superior wine in his kingdom. The steward of the wedding assumed that the bridegroom had kept the best wine last. Later on John told us that Jesus is the Eternal Bridegroom in his kingdom and presently he is travelling on earth with us. The wedding banquette is the symbol of God's heavenly wedding.

Three days later there was a wedding in Cana v.1. Jesus made the very first miracle to begin his public ministry; after three days in the tomb; the first miracle happened. Jesus rose from the dead.
Signs in John's Gospel reveal the divinity of Jesus and about God's love for the human race. The miracle changing water into best wine shows that Jesus is renewed the old creation and made it new. We give thanks to God for renewal our lives through Jesus.