19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 11/8/2019 - Gospel: Lk 12: 35-40
'Are you ready?' is the common question we all use to explore the state of readiness of another person.  Readiness is good not just for oneself, but for the benefit of other people involved. It helps to put one's mind at peace because things are under control. There is no middle ground answer for such question. It is either: 'Yes, I am ready' or 'No, I am not'. We are ready or not ready for something, which is almost certainly going to happen. Children who are ready to go to school make their parents happy and it saves time, especially at rush time in the morning. People who are ready perform best in their competition or examination. At a national level, the readiness of an Ambulance paramedic, or a police officer, or Anti- terrorist Agency means saving lives or avoiding catastrophes. At a spiritual level, readiness plays an important role in one's Christian faith. It is an obvious sign of faithfulness. It is whether the Master is near or far, that person shows, not fear, but genuine respect and love for the Master, at a personal level. Because his/her love for the Master is stable and firm, the Master will reward that person with something which is much more worthwhile.

The reading of the day tells us that, readiness not only pleases the Master, but it reverses the order of service. Instead of a servant who serves the Master; the Master chooses to serve his own servants. 'He will put on apron, sit them down at table and wait on them' Lk 12,38. This saying refers to the future- the eschatological end time. It is 'The Eternal Banquet' preserved for those who, deep in their hearts, have faith and love, when Jesus returns for the second time. He will welcome them into the heavenly banquet. 'When will it happen?' is the question that any attempt to answer is a theological baselessness, a sheer imagination, because God will decide when it is the appropriate time for God to act. No one knows but God alone. 'The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect Lk 12,40. Readiness is not because of the unknown factor, but out of love for the Master. It is a good and faithful Christian, who always ready to welcome Him whenever the Master returns. The great reward is promised for that person. Christ's second coming is certain and it is our hope that when He returns we are ready to welcome Him into our hearts, and God will welcome us into God's kingdom.

We often think we are called to serve God, and don't realize that, what we do to serve God and God's people is only a tiny fraction of what God has done for us personally, now in this life, and much more in the life to come. Our love for God in this world is limited, while God's care for us in the world to come is eternal.

We believe that each of us exists in this world for a purpose. It is the same for the entire universe. People are not moving aimlessly through time. Each of them has a purpose to fulfil. Jesus' second coming to save those who are ready is part of God's plan and it is also the time the world has fulfilled its purpose.