4th Sunday of Advent Year B - 23/12/2018 - Gospel: Lk 1: 39-45
Intuition is an inner voice that proposes to a person how to assess any new situation without consulting of logical reasons. Most of our decisions making are based on reasoning and intuition unconsciously takes some part in it. Human instinct is vividly in our daily living. Christian mystics listen to their inner voice and they live by that call. We call their inner voice is spirituality. Their spiritual journey requires experts to explain it in ordinary language for us to understand. We all experience some sort of inner voice that judges our daily activities. Everyone has some sort of spiritual instinct whispering softly in their hearts.  For believers we say it is the voice of God's Spirit actively working quietly in our daily living. When we act according to the inner voice, our mind is in harmony with our actions and we have a peaceful life.

Today we hear about the spiritual instinct of Elizabeth and her cousin Mary. Both of them hear their inner voice and their meeting became a joyful meeting. The visit communicates to us several significant biblical wisdoms.

First, we know that true happiness comes from God. Those who faithfully carry out God's will in their lives, their hearts are filled with great joy.  Elizabeth felt that she is blessed by Mary's visit. The joy was so great that she could contain it no more but cried out loudly. 

'Why should I be honoured with a visit from the mother of my Lord? v. 42

Elizabeth cried out to Mary with great joy and she acted according to what she felt in her heart.

Second, good news is supposed to share not to keep to oneself. Mary comes to visit her cousin to share her good news and that fills Elizabeth with great joy. This ordinary visit becomes special because Mary carried God's Son both in her womb and in her heart and she becomes the Mother of the Lord. 

Third, God's grace is given to that person and only that person can testify it. Elizabeth claimed that she felt that the Spirit moved her heart; such claimed she alone knew it, testified it and shared it with Mary.

Fourth, having faith in God will help us to recognize God's grace in our lives. Elizabeth claimed something even more extraordinary that her unborn child in her womb left for joy. Mary's greeting carried with it the joy of God that even her unborn child felt it and welcomed it with great joy. Without faith we think this is a fairy story but with faith we know that something is utmost important happening to our world. God's Spirit is working in a special way. In this case it is out of the natural laws.

Fifth, everything is possible to God. Elizabeth reveals that God's promises will soon be a reality. The double realities here are the birth of John the Baptist and the birth of the Messiah. Elizabeth had spent in vain for years to have a child and she now is in her sixth month. Mary responded yes to God's messenger and becomes the Mother of the Lord.

Mary and Elizabeth listen to their inner voice and they recognized God's voice. Learning from them we hope to recognize God's voice in our heart.