4th Sunday of Lent Year B - 11/3/2018 - Gospel: Jn 3:14-21
Out of darkness
Nicodemus who was a Jewish leader came to Jesus at night asking Jesus to show him the way to have eternal life. He came to Jesus at night for fear of criticism from his colleagues or to even avoid being condemned by them. In a spiritual sense the darkness of night offers a life which has no salvation. Nicodemus believed Jesus who came from God and through Him one came to know God. Jesus told Nicodemus that the chosen people wandering in the desert when they were bitten by deadly snakes they looked at the bronze serpent for healing. The bronze serpent was the symbol of darkness by looking at them they recognized that they were living in darkness, admitting of their unfaithfulness and came back to God. Life was given causing of their repentance when looked at their darkness of their way of life and made changes and received God's bountiful mercy.

Looking at the Son of Man who was hung on the tree and believed in Him not only received complete healing but having eternal life because He is God's only Son, given to the world. God's Son came to the world out of love for the world and those who act in response to God's Son with love will be saved. God loves the world and only love in response gives the entrance to God's love. There is no other alternative but only genuine love deep rooted from our heart is worthy to God's love. Apart from our genuine love we humans have nothing else better to offer God. God's Son came to save not just a few but the entire world and it is a choice people are free to make. Nicodemus had chosen to come out of darkness to welcome Jesus. He had found no real life in the dark and was searching for the true Light and he found Jesus, the true Light.

People who refused to believe in Jesus had chosen to remain in the dark and it was their way of life. They would prefer that way of life caused by fear; fear of facing the truth Jesus offered; fear of the true Light; fear that their darkness actions and evil intentions will be revealed; fear of losing the privileges they had been enjoying; fear of letting go; fear of false reputation they had created. All of the fears there is only one fear that we all need to avoid at all cost and that is the fear of losing eternal life. Most of us have chosen the right path to follow but on the way bad choices have crept in without our notice or at least we took it lightly. More bad choices were added and when we found out that we had gone further from the truth and lacked the courage to return to the good path. Coming out of darkness needs time to readjust our lives to the Light and it needs courage from others. Giving support and prayer for each other plays an important part in the process of conversion.