3rd Sunday of Easter Year B - 15/4/2018 - Gospel: Lk 24:35-48
Renew in Christ
Before the crucifixion of Jesus the people in Jerusalem and surrounding areas talked about the miracles Jesus had made; at the crucifixion of Jesus they were disappointed and talked to each others about how the authority had done terrible thing for the good man.-death on the cross. We know that everyone knew of the death of Jesus as the apostle of the Emmaus who was surprised and said to the stranger on the road:

'You must be the only one person staying in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have been happening there these last few days' Luke 24, 18'.

The news of the Risen Christ was on everyone's lips, both believers and non believers alike they all talked about the news that the same Jesus who was crucified by the Temple authority now had come back to life. The believers of Jesus received the good news with great joy and delight and they were very much looking forward to meet Jesus face to face. The more they heard of Jesus' appearances the more joy they had; while Jesus' opponents, the Temple authority and the government officers, the more they heard about Jesus' appearances the more they worried and they tried to find ways how to suppress the news. The authority who turned a blind eyes for the Temple authority to carry out the atrocity now shared the same Temple authority's burden. How to suppress the news of the resurrection that broke loose like fire?

The Apostles who were in hiding now came out to talk to the people about the crucified Christ. Peter ( Acts 3,13 ff) talked to people that what God had intended to do, no power on earth can stop it. At first the authority thought by killing God Son Jesus they should shatter God's plan of salvation. They were wrong. God raised Jesus to life from dead and that was beginning of a new creation. Through the resurrection of Jesus, God renews everything in the Blood of Christ.  Jesus gave glory to God the Father by praising and obeying God. The Father gave glory to Jesus by raising him up from the dead and the Apostles gave glory to Jesus by praising and obeying Jesus. Second, human's errors came from the leaders of the people, the temple authority and the civil government, in condemning The Holy and innocent man to dead. Third, the authority claimed they knew what they were doing but their ignorance and arrogance would stop them from the acceptance of their lack of knowledge. Fourth, the resurrection of Jesus renews everything with one single condition and that is repentance. Without repentance in Christ there is no renewal.

In the Second Reading (1 John 2,1-5) St John says the same thing that God's grace is in contrast to sin. God's grace has the power to save, to build, to renew not just our lives but the whole of creation; while the sting of sin is dead and destruction and damnation. God's mercy and grace is life anew and gives pardon. To be renewed in Christ one needs to make the teaching of Jesus relevance to his/her life and the power of God's words which is in our hearts become the wellspring from inside, internal power to fight and resist against temptation. When our hearts are burnt with God's love and it will destroy all evil thoughts in our minds and hearts.