Corpus Christi Sunday Year B - 3/6/2018 - Gospel: Mk 14:12-16. 22-26
Blood needs a body as its home and a body needs blood to survive.  They are in a reciprocal  process, depend on each other for survival. Blood without a body probably can only survive in a blood bank for a period of time and a body without blood either is placed in a morgue or at a permanent resting place. A body is not just a simple vessel for blood to make home but a body renews blood and it gives blood new life and it continues to substitute more blood when it is needed. Blood works in the same way it keeps the body warm, provides nutrition for the body and carries with it death cells to make the body healthy. They are dependent on each other for survival.
The Solemn Feast Body and Blood of Jesus Christ is another name for the Corpus Christi or Eucharist in which Christ feeds our souls with his very life- Body and Blood- It is one of the most important feast days which reminds us of the blessings in the relationship between us and Jesus. It provides the opportunity to enjoy at a deeper level the reality of God's love for us in Jesus. We are privileged to come to the table of the Lord and enjoy free of charge the food the Lord provides out of his love for us. It is God's initiative to give us his Body and Blood to feed us. Christians should treat this free gift with utmost of care and with heartfelt thanks. The gift is freely given because this tremendous gift is beyond the human reach. It is beyond our human comprehension and no one can purchase the gift. Jesus knew that without giving the gift freely nothing in this world would be worth of the gift of God's love for the world. Christ comes to us under the form of bread and wine and when the Spirit of God is invoked, the bread and wine are changed to become the very Body and the Blood of Christ. Apart from our sincerity in prayers and thanksgiving we have nothing else to boast about, except humbly to receive the most blessed Body and Blood of Christ into our heart. Receiving this divine gift we are grown into the likeness of Christ, the very life that we are given at our Baptism.
As blood gives life and renews our physical body, the very Body and Blood of Jesus gives life and nourishes our lives. It strengthens us to fight against pride of temptations and sins of longing to separate us from the love of God. Being nourished by the very Body and Blood of Jesus we need to share of what we have received and that is to become Christ for others. As Christ has freely given us his Body we need to make sacrifice in providing services for others in the name of Christ; as Christ pours out his precious Blood for us we need to share our sweat and labour for the mission of the kingdom that we are called to make disciples for Jesus mat 28,19. As Christ has given us his Spirit through love; we need to genuinely share our love for others. In our daily living we need to imitate Jesus Christ through His words and deeds and make His deeds real for others. Christ died on the cross to reconcile the world to the Father; true disciples of Jesus need to make the life of Christ relevance to our brothers and sisters both in prayers and in act of reconciliation.