2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 14/1/2018 - Gospel: Jn1:35-42
Trusting is a must, not a choice; it is something we all need to have and it plays a key role in our life. We need to trust our own ability to learn and do things. We need to trust others in order to receive support and work together. Apart from trusting ourselves and others there is another source of trust we need to have and that is the spiritual power that would help us to place our trust in the Lord. All today readings call us to trust God. First, Samuel had placed his trust in his master Eli. He believed that his parent was doing the right thing and had entrust their son Samuel to Eli. In the middle of the night Samuel heard the call and he went to Eli. After three times Eli understood that it was the Lord who called Samuel and instructed him to respond. At the fourth time Samuel answered 'Speak Lord, your servant is listening'. Samuel had trusted his master Eli and the invisible God who he heard the calling but not seeing. Samuel had trusted the Lord and his life was changed toward God's guidance throughout his life.

The responsorial psalm is "Here am I, Lord, I come to do your will'

Those who had great trust in the Lord is able to answer that the purpose of my being on this planet, on this faith journey is to do not my own will but yours. It is your will that my body and heart and soul should serve you and make your glory shine to the world. Paul speaks to the Corinthians that our physical body is a temple of the Spirit.  Because it is the temple of the Spirit we don't own it. It is God who creates it and owns it and we are given the task to take utmost care of it, to keep it clean and pure and worthy for the Spirit. The claim people often make is that 'it is my body and I am free to do to my own body'. It is a non- Christian approach because the reality is that we have no ultimate controlling of our sickness and aging and intelligent. When we realize that what St Paul reminds us is our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. It comes from God, we know we don't own our own body and we are grateful for the gift of life and eternal life. 

The Gospel tells us that John the Baptist had great trust in the Lord and that he lived not for his own but he lived to give glorification to the Lord. He sent his disciples to Jesus and his disciples had great trust Jesus and they stayed overnight with him and their lives changed and had changed the lives of generations.

Trust is essential in life. It begins at home, starting from a very young age when you teach your children to trust you and trust God. Trust opens to guidance and the willingness to learn. Students trust teachers will learn better. Good government is the ones who gain trust from the people and it is a healthy society. The disciples of Jesus had great trust in him. They followed and learnt from him and most of them accepted violent deaths to show to the world that they had trusted Jesus till the last drop of their blood.