18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 5/8/2018 - Gospel: Jn 6: 24-35
Nature dictates
Farmers know very well that human efforts can make tremendous difference about the outcome of a harvest but nothing can bypass nature. It is not the seed or human effort but nature that dictates the final result of a harvest. Look at the natural landscapes we see different pictures. Trees and grass are higher and greener at one field and the same kind of trees that are dwarf and weeds are brown at other places because of different weather patterns.  Ancient people had experienced the forces of nature that it could relieve them from drought or it could drown them. Years of wandering in the deserts where for years of dependent on nature for food, water and shelter. They had endured the extreme heat and horrible cold and the enjoyable breeze. Foods that are affected by nature follow the rule of nature, including Manna in the desert. Food that Jesus talked about would not be affected by nature and the rule of nature had no power over the food. The product of the earth and labour of human hands, and the words of consecration, through the power of the Spirit, will transform the food to be the  Body and Blood of Jesus who is the Lord of nature. The foods that Jesus talked about were not made by human hands but by the Spirit whom nature obeys. Jesus used the image of his own Body and Blood to talk about the divine love that God would feed his people with. Food was given by Jesus, the divine food for our soul. It has a threefold meaning and all will happen in the future. First, it means every time at the consecration ordinary bread and wine become the divine sustenance for our soul. Second, it strengthens spiritual life and energy for those who receive it with love and utmost reverend. Third, it gives eternal life when the time comes.

I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never be hungry; he who believes in me will never thirst Jn 6,35

Jesus prophesised what he was going to do for those who loved him. Only through Jesus who had the power to provide food that satisfies and drink that quenches the crowd's thirst forever. It was something the crowd had ever heard of. Today we understand Jesus died for us to cleanse our sin, to reconcile us to God the Father, to save us from damnation but people of the time of Jesus they couldn't understand what Jesus meant. Jesus fed the crowd in the hope that they would see the signs correctly but they failed to interpret the signs that Jesus is both 'the son of man and the Son of God'.

You are not looking for me because you have seen the signs but because you had all the bread you wanted to eat. v.26

As 'the son of man' Jesus is the son of Mary and would be like them in all things except sin. He felt hungry and thirsty and tired and other feelings as each one of them. As the Son of God Jesus had the power to do extraordinary things that no ordinary person could do such thing. The crowd saw Jesus as the prophet but could not see him as the Son of God who came to offer food and drink for eternal life.