13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 1/7/2018 - Gospel: Mk 5:21-43
Source of Life
Illness and infirmities are realities of life. Some suffer very early in life; others have it later. Some suffer for a long time; others quick and short.  Spiritual illness is harder to diagnose because it is hidden, inner problems.  Solitude is the key to unlock the spiritual sickness. Solitude and prayers and reflection help us to see the needs in our heart. Everyone needs to have some form of spirituality. People keep searching for it until they find one that suits them. Spiritual convenience is as good as at easy time. The haemorrhage woman and the synagogue official had experienced it. Illness and dead had challenged their spirituality. They turned to Jesus for help. The woman asked Jesus to heal her and the official asked Jesus to save his daughter from death. Jesus granted them both. There would have been no meeting Jesus if the woman and the official had no real desire to meet him. Both of them had made the commitment to leave their comfort zone, coming out into the open to meet Jesus. Humility and honesty lead them to meet Jesus.

The woman who had suffered a long illness and the synagogue official knew that life and death were not in the human hands. Her haemorrhage had eaten all her saving and yet she was worse off.  Jesus was her last resort and death would be her fate if she delayed to come forward to meet Jesus. Her hope on human ability had vanished and she turned to Jesus.  She was hoping not touching Jesus but to only touch his garment as that would be enough to cure her illness. Mk 5,28. She felt his power was flowing into her and Jesus felt his power was escaping from him. Giving and receiving were happening in day light and yet it was hidden from the crowds. Even Jesus' apostles were surprised when Jesus asked them 'who touched my clothes v.30'. Frightened and trembling the woman came forward kneeling in front of Jesus to reveal her inner thought. Jesus revealed to the crowds that her faith saved her.  'My daughter, your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free from your complaint'v.34. The woman received three gifts: she was cured, peace and free.

The synagogue official had a young daughter and she was dying. He came to Jesus for healing. While he was talking to Jesus, news from his family arrived saying 'you daughter is dead: why put the Mater to any further trouble v.35. Jesus told the father to have faith in him. The mourning crowd laughed at Jesus when he said 'the child is not dead but asleep v.40'. Jesus  granted life for the girl.

Today many people would laugh at us when we believe that God made the universe and God continues to sustain it and keeps it in motion. Curing the woman's illness and giving life back to the little girl confirms that Jesus' healing power has no boundaries but it is available for those who have faith in him. The power heals the whole person, both physical, psychological and spiritual.