10th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 10/6/2018 - Gospel: Mk 3:20-35
We all have had an experience of being injured more than once in our life time. A small scratch on the skin surface our body can quickly heal it and probably there would be no scar left behind;  however a deep cut we would lose much blood and it would take time to heal and it would leave a scar to mark the place where it had been injured. A fatal cut happened life was threatening and it would affect one's health. Last Friday day was the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I would like to contemplate on his wounds; especially on the one on his side, a sword penetrated deep into his Sacred Heart. The Gospel reported that 'blood and water seeped out'. Probably not much blood and water came out because it had been ran out of other wounds, beating and scourged, the crown of thorns on his head, the nails on his hands and feet. The last few drops of blood remained in his Sacred Heart now poured out. It was not the heart- wound that killed Jesus but rather it demonstrated his whole hearted love given for us was cut open. He loved us to the end, till the last drop of blood in his heart released. The Gospel of John 19,34 reported that one of the soldiers pierced his side with a lance.

They looked on the one whom they have pierced v.37

We are invited to look at the one whom they have pierced. The wound in his heart caused Jesus no pain because he was already dead. The pain was inflicted upon the ones whom Jesus loved and especially on who loved Jesus- his Blessed Mother and his Apostles. Jesus' heart wound tells us that it is very easy to exploit power given, no matter how small- soldiers have no rank in an army and yet they can cause much harm. In general it tells us about the human cruelty. Everybody is capable of doing both noble and cruel acts and we are invited to look at the wounds of Christ to make choices before acting. Humiliating a dead person is the lowest act of all. It is a sign of vengeance, of retaliation, a sign of weakness. It is the power of darkness' domination. Piercing the side of Jesus after his death was the sign ignorance, failure to see God's love and denial to accept Jesus as their Good Shepherd. Most of accidents happen in life are caused by ignorance or even stupidity of a person. Through mistakes we hope to learn to growth in maturity. It is the same for our faith journey through sin we learn to embrace God's love and mercy.

The dead of Jesus destroyed not all hope because many of the Chosen race mourn for him. Hope was not obvious displayed as they stood in the background, amongst the crowds of people who were mourning for Jesus, quietly, soberly and bitterly and with same intensity as if they mourned for the lost one of their own.

For those who believe in Jesus his heart opening was the sign of grace and mercy flowing out to save and to forgive our sins. For those who don't believe seeing his heart open was the sign of death, completely humiliated death on the cross. His death empowered us to reconcile, began with the centurion and others who praised God saying.

This was a great and good man Lk 23,48

The open heart of Jesus offers sure hope not despair and condemnation.