7th Sunday of Easter Year A - 28/5/2017 - Gospel: Jn 17:1-11a
Given all
The short message in today's Gospel of Mathew 28,16-20 has five verses and it sumps up the entire mission of the universal Church and the mission of each individual who believes in Jesus. These important messages are for the faithful to practice for their entire lifetime. They need to keep them alive, active in their daily dealings with one another and by doing that they are true visible human faces of Jesus for others. The first message is clear that they are not just disciples but their mission was to make others to be disciples of Jesus. The mission is not limited to a chosen race but for all nations and at all times. It is a mission for all believers. The Ascension is considered as the graduation for the apostles. They learnt from Jesus, had been with him through his Passion and Resurrection and they are now ready to take on the mission 'to make others to be disciples of Jesus'. Jesus returned to the Father. He did not let the apostle orphans but gave them the gift of the Spirit to be with them in their missionary field.
All authority in heaven and on earth are given to me. Go, therefore, make disciples of all the nations Mt 28.18.

We are called to do the mission and that is to make disciples of Jesus and to share Jesus' power. The sharing of power must be in conjunction to the same way Jesus did while he was on earth. We can't do it differently if we want to be faithful to his teaching we must remain in him because he is the life giver, the cause of our being and existence and we are called to share that life for others. The source of life Jesus gave that comes from the three persons of God and it is the universal baptism formula for all who choose to follow the way of Jesus. They are being baptised:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Through the baptism they become members of the universal Church; they are sisters and brothers in God's family and they will help each other to observe the command Jesus gave and that is to love one another as Jesus has loved us. They themselves also make others to be disciples of Jesus.
When we observe God's command and doing the mission Jesus assigned us to do, we are not alone in the missionary field but Jesus, who is in a mysterious way accompanies us always

And know that I am with you always; yes, till the end of time 28,20

The promised to be with all believers was the confirmation of the promise that the prophet Isaiah had prophecy long ago

The maiden with child and will soon gives birth to a son whom she will call Immanuel that means God is with us. Is 7,14

The name- Emmanuel- which means: God is with us- at the beginning of Mt1,23 is reiterated by Jesus himself. Jesus is enthroned at the right hand side of God and at the same time is with us in our faith journey. That is the mystery we today celebrate. The promise is true and real for those who observe the command of God's love for others.