6th Sunday of Easter Year A - 21/5/2017 - Gospel: Jn 14:15-21
In our society we all adapt from other person's appearances or wisdom. We become their fans, adopting their style, way of life, cultures and language. The stars somehow make some impact in our way of life. In other words our stars become mirrors for us to look at and we are changed by that person. Admirers form relationships to their stars but their stars hardly know admirers and the relationship is non active and one way approached. 

In our spiritual journey when we put Jesus' teaching into practice we establish personal relationships with him. When God calls a person into being, God had already established a relationship with the person. God initiated his personal love with each one of us, in our heart and when we respond to that love it will flourish and guide our way. The relationship we have with Jesus is active and flowing two ways. Jesus loves us and we love Jesus in return and God's children will benefits from this active relationship. God enjoys our relationship when we serve God's people. It is manifested in various ways, namely love for others, have compassion for the poor, promote forgiveness, peace and justice for all, uphold life and protect life and are voices for the voiceless. A healthy relationship we have for Jesus will grow to the level of unity. We are united with Jesus and become one in God's family through the oneness with Jesus.

Make your home in me as I make mine in you Jn 15,3

It is God's desires to be with us, to share our lives and to journey with us every moment of our lives. Jesus has not a hidden agenda but spoke clearly and openly about the desire to unite with us always. The relationships become so strong that bond us to his life and his work and further are strengthened by his spirit. The Spirit of God is a special gift given to us to be with us in our earthly journey, to strengthen, to guide, to direct and to remind us of what Jesus had taught us. The relationship that we have for Jesus goes beyond a normal relationship but it reaches to the level of becoming children of God, heirs of God's kingdom. There are numerous occasions Jesus makes clear that he wants us to learn from him.

Learn from me for I am humble and gentle at heart. Mat 11,29

If anyone loves me he will keep my word Jn 14,23

The relationship we have with Jesus will not stop at Jesus but it will lead us to know God the Father as Jesus said to Philip when he asked to see the Father. Jesus replied: to know me is to know the Father. Through Jesus we come to know the Father

No one can come to the Father except through me..... If you know me you know the Father too.....To have seen me is to have seen the Father. Jn 14, 7-9

The relationship we have for our stars is shifting when a new star is more popular than the old one. God's love for us would never change. We may stop to love God but God will never stop his love for us. His love is everlasting.