Easter Sunday Year A - 16/4/2017 - Gospel: Jn 20:1-9
The promised fulfilled
Many years before God had promised to save the human race from The Fall, the promised was being fulfilled at the resurrection of Jesus. What happened in the first place was that Satan employed the image of a serpent to deceive the human race with lies and that opened us up for sin to enter into our spiritual world. God destroyed neither Satan nor the human beings but their sin could not be ignored without punishment. God disciplined Satan by pushing them back to correctional space where God's love was absent. God restored the human image which was created after the image of God and that was being distorted by sin by sending God's only Son, Jesus, to the world to do the renewal mission.

Our father knew that God would rescue us from The Fall but they had no idea of what and how and when and patiently waited and waited for the extraordinary event to happen. Some artists tried to depict the rescue mission by painting the image of a woman who stood on the serpent's head to signify that the serpent had been crushed and they were powerless to harm her. Satan had defaced the human race in the first place and now it is their turn, their very own head was being crushed by the woman. The woman somehow was represented the human race who took the leading role of repayment for the harm Satan had imposed on us. She would be unable to do it without God's grace. Indeed, through her saying 'yes' to the messenger God entered the world. She praised God for doing the magnificent work through her when she says

The mighty God has done great thing for me holy is his name.

Jesus, God only Son, who was incarnated to be one of us to save us through his own sweats and blood from his open heart. He carried the cross and be nailed on it and died on it, between two criminals and three days after God the Father gave his life back with the announcement of the final victory. Mary said 'yes' to the messenger and Jesus entered the world. Jesus said 'yes' to God and became a man like us in all things but sin and that Jesus declared war against Satan and Satan knew that their days were numbered and be locked up forever. The resurrection of Jesus has fulfilled what God had promised long ago to save the human race. On the cross one of the thieves pleaded to Jesus

Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.

The promised made on the cross has been fulfilled because it is impossible for God to lie. Jesus entered the world to fight against the father of lie, Satan and won the final battle. Satan had lost the final battle. They could tempt Jesus no more but could continue to tempt his followers. When we fall into their temptations we cause others to suffer.

The dead of Jesus satisfied his opponents. His resurrection energized his disciples and His Ascension gives hope for those who follow his way.

Happy Easter!