Sunday Christ The King Year A - 26/11/2017 - Gospel: Mt 25:31-46
Be a King
For many the concept of kingship is dead in the modern world. Royal family was once popular around the world and now only a handful of countries retains the concept. Royal families used to enjoy the absolute power over their people. The Royal governing power is no more in existance in the Democratic countries but they act as a national icon of a country.
The Feast Christ the King was established to combat against totalitarianism that Jesus Christ is king of the human hearts who came into the world to teach the way of love, peace and forgiveness and finally the authority put Him to dead by nailing Him on the cross. We Christians share the kingship of Christ at our Baptism and we are called to live a life of love, of peace and of forgiveness. Jesus is both our Spiritual and physical King who invisibly journeys with us in every circumstance of our life. Put it simply, to be a king in a Christian way means to live a life of truth taught by Jesus. In answering Pilate who interrogated Jesus on His trial Jesus responded that:

'I have came into the world to bear witness for the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice' Jn 18,37.

Every time we live truthfully in a challenging situation we practice our kingship. Every time we bear witness for Jesus we live out our kingship because He came to the world to bear witness to the truth. Every time we are victims of injustice and unfair treatment for the cause of right we share the kingship of Christ on the cross who was challenged to give up God's way to adopt the ways of man. Every attempt either in actions or in words is trying to bend or swaying the cross is not the way of Jesus.- get down of the cross- for us to believe Mat 27,42.

Every time we deny, refuse to cooperate with evil spirit or struggle against violence and prejudice we practice our kingship of Jesus who overcame the power of darkness, defeated dead and came back to life. Because of that the book of Revelation praised him as the first of all creation, everything was made new by Him and the new dawn was established. Rev 1,5.

Every time we believe in the truth, say and bear witness for the truth we share the kingship of Jesus. Nothing can destroy the truth Jesus, even death, because Jesus has defeated the power of darkness which represents the father of lie.

Every time we take control of our behaviour, our anger and our sinful desires we share the power of the truth Jesus has gained for us.

Jesus is not a Messiah of power to rule with oppression, war and violence but he is the king of peace, of silence on the cross, of not responding to curses and humiliations.

He is the king that weekly we professed the Creed- Through Him all things, visible and invisible were created. He is the King who revolutionaries the power of love and showed us how to live in love of God, self and others and His creation. He is the King who gave his life for His friends and purchased His friends' lives by His blood poured out on the cross for those who follow His way to earn eternal life.