19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 13/8/2017 - Gospel: Mt 14:22-33
Solidarity with God
After a successful event people celebrate their success and achievements without recognizing that there were some things they had no control of, namely the weather conditions and the environment. These things come from God who alone has a big say in it. After feeding the five thousand Jesus also celebrated the thriving event of the day. Unlike the way our society celebrates, Jesus celebrated in a special way, a spiritual way. There was no extravagant party; no champagne to toast to cheer the helpers.  There was no music and lengthy speech. No, nothing like that, Jesus was alone in a lonely place, in the quiet of the night. He probably was facing the breeze that came from the sea in the direction of where his disciples were heading. Jesus was on his knees solemnly thanking God the Father for being with him in feeding the five thousand. Jesus made no claim of his achievement but acknowledging that everything that came from God and God played an invisible role in making it happened. We don't know what his prayer was but elsewhere he said in his prayers that

'Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people, that they may believe that you sent me." Jn 11,41-42.

The feeding of the five thousand showed that God alone fed the crowds and the apostles were taking part by means of contributing the bread and the fish and pointing out to Jesus about the young boy who had a few loaves and fish. God alone was actually active in making the miracle happened. The feeding was pointing forwards to the Institution of the Eucharist that Jesus would establish at the Last Super with his disciples. It also reminds us that at the Eucharistic celebration God alone feeds us, changing the bread and wine into the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ. Ministers of the Eucharist have nothing to do with the change but they are the instruments of God and do what Jesus commanded them to do:

Do this in remembrance of me' Lk 22,19-20.

Jesus let the disciples went ahead of him while he was staying behind to give thanks to God. The apostles sailed across the lake without Jesus on board, they felt that everything was normal. The wind gathered stronger and stronger and they kept fighting to keep the boat afloat, moving forward. Exhausted and frightened and in panic when they saw a figure moving towards them. Their eyes were wide open and clued to the figure moving above the strong mighty waves and then one of them recognized the familiar face, their Master, Jesus. Knowing their fear Jesus shouted to them 'courage, it is I, do not be afraid'. Peter would like to cross the water coming to Jesus. The mighty wave approaching that blocked his vision and he was afraid of being drowned.  He shouted 'save me Lord, I am sinking'. Jesus reached out to save him and they all boarded safely. After entering the boat Jesus gave order to calm the winds and the waves and the winds dropped. The apostles were amazed confessing that 'Truly, you are the Son of God'. They didn't understand what it meant but they knew that God's power was beyond what they could comprehend.