12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 25/6/2017 - Gospel: Mt 10:26-33
We are responsible for our own actions and behaviours. We are responsible for our actions before laws of the land and more importantly responsible before the law of love which is God's law. Civil laws are set out by many great minds and yet no matter how hard they try there will be some loop holes and it can be exploited and one needs to have an expert in the field to interpret them. The law of God's love is very simple and clear and there is no room for confusion. God's law of love is that avoid doing for others what you don't want it happen to you. Civil society has law enforcements and disciplines those who break the laws. The concept of law enforcement doesn't apply to God's law of love. God always treats us as an adult and responsible person with respect and love. However, anyone who tries to interpret God's law of love in their favour would not escape the misery feelings within their own heart. They are responsible for their own conscience and that would constantly tell them to make right with God and be responsible for unloved actions, otherwise when they see God face to face they will be judged.  Jesus made no secret about the judgment on the final day and that no one could escape the wrath of God. They may escape at the present day but not of the day to come, the final day when everything would be black or white. There is no grey area.

Everything that is now covered will be uncovered and everything now hidden will be made clear. Mt 10,26 

Jesus said to us do not be afraid to live out the truth of God's law of love. There are no reasons to be afraid. Often we are afraid of telling others about God's love. We are afraid that the message is not welcomed. We are afraid that we may be judged by our friends and co- workers about our faith in Jesus. We are afraid to paddle against the current of the main stream society. We soon get tired and exhausted and are singled out. Traditional Church on Sunday is taking over by other social activities. Today in our society weekends seem to be busier than normal weekdays. Schedule for weekday is set out clearly and we know in advance what is happening for a day. Weekends are much more flexible with many unexpected events. An unannounced visit from a family member or friends who invite  you to celebrate their achievements; there are sport competitions, racing and carnivals, fairs and public celebrations are all fall into weekends and that leaves no time for Church.

We need to find time to tell to others about Jesus; telling others about his sacrificial love for us, his crucifixion and resurrection. We need tell about Jesus both in words and in deeds, to be an active witness for Jesus. Telling about Jesus for others is not for Jesus but it is for us. Jesus said that when one has nothing to do with him, who doesn't recognize him on earth Jesus has not much to say about that person when Jesus has to introduce that person to God the Father. Jesus said to us that it is better to be recognized by the Lord at the everlasting life rather than being recognized by men in this short life on earth.