3rd Sunday of Easter Year C - 10/4/2016 - Gospel: Jn 21:1-19
We believe that a good healthy breakfast is an important meal of a day because it gives us nutrition to begin a new day after a long night fasting. A good breakfast makes a good day. Children who eat breakfast perform better in the classroom and on the playground, with better concentration problem solving skills and better eye- hand coordination. The body needs nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day.

The disciples of Jesus were sad and afraid and wanted standing idle all day no more. Peter said to them 'I am going fishing' and they all joined him. In doing fishing in they would hope to turn their grief into something useful. It acted as if it was some sort of grief release therapy. Doing something we love would shift our mind to different focus. The disciples would relax much more in doing fishing because it was something familiar and normal in their profession. After a whole night hard working the disciples caught nothing. They were on the way home empty handed, tiredness and disappointment. The man from ashore told them to cast the net on the starboard. After their miraculous caught they knew that it as the Lord. Christ then offered them breakfast with fresh fish they just had caught on the sea of Tiberias. It was the third time Christ appeared to them and the first breakfast Christ offered them. After having breakfast we begin a new day fresh. After having the breakfast with the Risen Christ the disciples started a fresh new life, a new career, a new mission. Peter was acting as the team leader. Three times Christ asked him: Do you love me? Three times Peter confessed that he loved Christ and each time Christ gave them the new mission. The first time one was 'Feed my lamb'. The second time was to: 'look after my sheep' and the third time one was: 'feed my sheep'. The miraculous caught was the symbol indicating that their future mission would catch abundant when they become the fishers of men. Re- establishing the relationships with the disciples Christ healed them to the wholeness and entrust His future Church into their hands.

The main difference between a lamb and a sheep is different in age. When Jesus asked his disciples to look after both lamb and sheep he asked the disciples to take care of them both the very young ones and the elderly ones.  He asked them to feed and look after them from birth till the end of their life. Feed them with the same kind of food Jesus taught the disciples during His public ministry. Look after them with the same love Jesus had shown during His Passion and forgive them with the same forgiveness Jesus had demonstrated on the way to Calvary. It is their mission and it is also our mission, our ministry, of the Church that we belong.

May we place our faith in Christ whether we are on the sea of sharing of His Passion or enjoying the glory of his resurrection we would never stop believing a new life Christ has gained for us.