32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 5/11/2016 - Gospel:
Eternal love
We all need love to survive and enjoy life. Love for a family is so important that marriage in the Church is not simply a ceremony between a man and a woman but it is the sacrament of marriage. It is being blessed by God and Jesus confirmed it when people asked him about divorce. Jesus confirmed that at the beginning of creation God blessed a man and a woman and a man must leave his family to join the woman and they become one body (Mark 10). This permanent bond of marriage is a life time commitment. This teaching is the foundation of the Catholic Church on marriage and it comes from Jesus. There is no alternate interpretation for this teaching. There are different kinds of interpretation of marriage that some civil societies are advocating for a change. We respect their view on marriage and we don't judge them but pray for them and we also pay that they don't impose on us to accept their view.

The Catholic Church on marriage has two main purposes. Firstly, it is to enrich the couple's life on earth. Secondly it is to foster their faith journey on the way towards eternal life in God's kingdom. While on earth the couple raises children as part of recreation and for the existing of human race and for the enriching memberships of the Church that Christ has established. This requires a life time commitment of a couple. They need to give support, be a faithful companion and encourage each other and to share life's burdens. This kind of life is no more needed for the children of the resurrection because they live in the fullness of God's love and God's love alone is good enough for them to enjoy eternal life forever. Acts of charity and sacrificial love for their family members and for the human race, they did on earth, will be transformed into the glory of the resurrection of Jesus. In God's kingdom earthly essentials to support life are no more needed because the new life is supported by the love and the likeness of the glorious of Christ's body. Earthly elements will remain on earth permanently and only the imperishable elements will go with them as the fruits of their love for God and for others. The preface of the feast Christ the King proclaims that Christ has established

An eternal and universal kingdom, a kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, love and peace.

Children of the resurrection don't marriage anymore because they are in the state of angels. Our journey on earth is a process of learning, learn to forgive, learn to have compassion, learn to love and learn to be righteous and learn to live a life of holiness that is to come. In God's kingdom we are all sisters and brothers and they have something in common and that is fostered by God's love and God's love is incorruptible. Children of the resurrection lack nothing because their life is full of joy and peace, free from all perishable elements, no more pain and tear and separation.