29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 16/10/2016 - Gospel: Lk  18:1-8
The human history has shown that from the very earliest of time it had always been that the poor of every society had no voice simply because prominent figures of such society suppressed their voice. They lived in poor conditions, poor health, poor education and poor social hierarchy. Wealth and voice go together. People with more money had a louder voice and people listened to them and that made them feel they were powerful. Without the power of money the poor were voiceless and were regarded as the lowest group in a society. Some leading figures even went as far as to believe that the poor were existed to serve them, doing all the dirty and hard work and that was their place. Vulnerable member of a society was slaves, house servants, widows and orphans and they are all voiceless. The poor were a bit better than slaves because a slave could be slave for life while the poor could change their social status when they accumulated enough wealth or power. Our present situation in the worldwide is facing the influx of refugees and the endemic of sexual exploitation of children.

Refugees are the misplaced people, for their different political point of view and ideological differences and religious belief, their lives are unsafe to live where they are and they would hope to run to somewhere for life protection where they would feel to have more security, better future and more freedom to practice their faith. Living in fear of being persecuted in their home country exists in their mind long before they actually are being recognized as a refugee by the international community. Refugees live in hope that somebody would voice for their life protection and rights.

Children are innocent and they can't defend themselves when are being exploited by pervert characters and people whom they know and love. Sadly these characters betray their trust and love and destroy their lives. We recall the remark Jesus made when Judas used the sign of love to betray his Master- Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss? Luke 22,48. There was absolute deadly silent.

Worldwide social injustice comes about when community leaders have neither fear of God nor respect for life. They take justice into their own hands like the dishonest judge mentioned in today's Gospel. When justice is in the hands of leaders whose spirituality was baseless and level of morality was nil, then justice for others would entirely depend on the moods of a dishonest judge. People who know how to make the dishonest judges happy would receive a lenient sentence in their favourable while voiceless people would become their victims and would see no mercy. The Gospel's message is for the poor and they welcome it with great joy because the Gospel's message calls justice for all. God's love and mercy is for all and also God's justice. There is no discrimination in God's justice. The Gospel's message made the poor feel that God is on their side and God's powerful message of love will ease their daily burden and they live in hope. The powerful refused to welcome the Gospel's message because it requires to live a life of love and honest and that contradict to their lifestyle. They enjoy the power to judge and loved to be served. Anything that restricts their life enjoyment would not be welcomed.