28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 9/10/2016 - Gospel: Lk 17:11-19
Giving thanks
Other religions may have some forms of thanksgiving to their gods on special occasions but we Catholics, through the Lord's Prayer, say thank to God everyday of our life. Jesus taught us to give thanks to Lord of heaven and of earth and Jesus himself publicly gave thanks God the Father before making miracles. We thank God for creating the universe for us, for calling us into beings and for taking care of us and for saving us from eternal dead. Everything that we have is God's gift freely given to us, whether they are material goods such as air and water; food and friendships or spiritual gifts and talents and knowledge. Amongst the countless gifts we receive daily the most importantly of all is the gift of faith in Jesus. God gives us these gifts for us to cultivate, to enjoy life and to share the blessed life to others. On the cross Jesus gave himself to God till the last breath. We, the disciples of Jesus learnt from Jesus, should be a gift for others. We give thanks to God both as an individual and as a community of the faithful. Our prayers take many forms and it involves the whole person. In prayers the Church encourages us to lift up our soul and heart to God.

The Liturgy of the Church gives clear instruction how to worship in public for all believers. The Rosary, Stations of the Cross, hymns and prayers and Benediction and Exposition are different ways of expressing our thanks to God. The Eucharist is an act of repeating what Jesus did on the Last Supper. It is an act of supreme love Jesus gave thanks to God on behalf of the human race. Every time we take part in the Eucharistic celebration we join with Jesus to give thanks to God and we give thanks to Jesus for saving us. The Gloria is a song of praise and worship and give thanks to God. At the offering of bread and wine, fruits of the earth and with human labour, we give thanks for the gifts that God has given us at the first place and we take a small portion of it to make an offering God for the gifts.

We lift up our minds and hearts to God as a form of the gifts and in return we receive God's loving care and spiritual food for our souls in the consuming of the Body and Blood of Christ. The give and receive exchange of gift happens daily that strengthens and becomes a bond of unity between God and the faithful. This bond is nurtured by God's love and grace. Giving thanks to God is for our own benefits. It adds nothing to God's greatness because God doesn't need our praise but it is good for us because giving thanks to God is a gift itself. Giving thank unites us with God and also cleansed our impurities and we are renewed in the fullest of Christ.

Giving thank is a form of sacrifice. Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross to the Father. Through the Eucharist we sacrifice to God and to one another.