27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 2/10/2016 - Gospel: Lk 17:5-10
Openness serves as a window helping us to reach out to others and also a welcoming pathway for others to come into our lives. An open heart is a heart that is longing for new experiences and relationships while an open mind is a mind that is thirsting for new ideas and concepts. The open mind and heart have no fear of moving beyond the traditional boundaries of the familiar and are willing to overcome any barrier that erected by social customs and traditions. The open mind and heart love to discover what is new and ready to take risks venturing into the unknown domains. Any adventure has both risky elements and joyful rewards. Without risky adventure there is no expected in delight. When we are open for change we experience that life is full of opportunities to growth.

God's self revelation happens in various ways and only an open mind and heart is able to listen to the voice of God whispered softly into our heart. First, openness to faith is a response to God's self revelation through the teaching of Jesus. Active believers put the teaching of Jesus into practice and through the human interactions of acts of charity and love non believers are able to experience God's love in real life and come to believe in God.

Second, through the contemplation of God's words an open mind and heart will enjoy the calmness and tranquillity of their heart. When their heart is calm and at rest it will see God who is active in their daily activities. It opens up a new horizon for them to see the purpose of life with new eyes and that their life is designed not to dwell in this world but to dwell in God's house which is beyond this world. The person will recognize that whatever God made is both loveable and worthy of love. This recognition will help a person to let go of world materials and glories to embrace eternal love and everlasting glories.

Third, faith and trust go together. An active faith is not simply to believe in God but rather it is placing our trust in God and living in trust by doing what God calls you to do. To love God and love our neighbours in actions is an expression of faith in trust. To live a life filled of faith and be a living witness for Jesus is an expression of faith in trust. To be with the poor and the needy and be their hands and voice is an expression of faith in trust. Trust and hope plays a crucial role in time of difficulties. God expects us to live throughout our lives a life of service and charity, sharing whatever we have to others. Today's Gospel tells us that providing service is a privilege. Not having faith in God we tend to have faith in wealth of the world and its glories. Faith in wealth means to store up for oneself, to hold us back from sharing what one possesses because live in fear. Wealth serves as some sort of security for future. In contrast trusting in God we will let go what we have by giving and open ourselves to welcome others in trust that God takes care of our lives.