26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 25/9/2016 - Gospel: Lk 16:19-31
True Colours
Relationships and generosity and love we have for one another last much longer than a human life. These human interactions can deceive us well if we think that who cares and that most things were done behind the scene could be known to no one. Human interactions may not stay long in our minds and hearts but they remain, sometimes a life time, in the minds and hearts of others. Things may be long gone for some but most of us well remembered the good things people had done for them. Certainly victims of unjust dealing and mistreatment and exploitations would not easily be forgotten. I don't have a statistic to show but I believe human interactions play a significant time in the form of conversation of any gathering. We hear people replayed what had happened to them.  Some stories told and people praised others for their heroic deeds and good heart; others were not so nice and both the speakers and listeners would feel ashamed to hear about what had happened to their friends. Interpersonal relationships last longer than a human life because when evil things done even decades ago, the pain and wounds remained in the hearts of the victims. They have not healed and are easy to bleed again. When an occasion arises they continue to pour out the hardship they had gone through and the unjust and mistreatment they endured.

Some people believe that the only way to escape justice is not committing it. It is another deception because the rule of love requires showing love whenever we can; ignoring it is a sin. Jesus teaches us that it is a sin for not doing what they should and that is the sin of the rich man in today's Gospel. Both the rich and the poor man lived on the same suburb, at the same street and probably received the same government protection but one had a life self indulgent and one had a life of nothing, not even enough to eat. Lazarus was a homeless; the rich man lived in a palace. Lazarus went to sleep half empty stomach; the rich man was over fed. Lazarus had never had a party; the rich man had plenty of parties. Finally both men died and ended up in front of God's throne. Human relationships and generosity and love were revealed its true colours. Lazarus was being welcomed by Abraham, not the rich. Lazarus was fed with rich food in contrast to the rich whose name was not mentioned.  God blessed Lazarus while the rich man was in agony for ignoring his neighbours. The rich man ignored the poor; had no compassion for the needy and showed compassion for no one. Human interactions can deceive us and it will be revealed at the final judgement. Our loving God would look throughout all loving kindness actions we had done for others and rewards us accordingly. Those who were rich in love and lived a life of charity with compassion and love would be welcomed by those they had helped them on earth; those who lived a life of self centred and self indulgence would have no friends in God's kingdom. Don't let self indulgences deceive you.